Fish proteins lose weight

Increases combustion more than other proteins, according to a new Norwegian study.

Fish proteins lose weight

Fish proteins lose weight

NORSK RESEARCH: Lise Madsen, researcher at NIFES National Institute for Nutrition and Seafood Research, has found new evidence of the good effect of fish proteins. Photo: Geir Steinar Knutsvik

Fish proteins lose weight

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Fish proteins lose weight

How to lose weight – and get there

Fish proteins lose weight

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We know that fish is healthy and that omega-3 is important for preventing cardiovascular disease, cancer and bone loss. Now it turns out that fish can also make wonders for the weight.

New research on mice shows that when you eat lean fish you get important proteins that can make it easier to keep your weight down.


Eat more without gaining weight

Fish proteins will reduce the fat tissue, and neither should it be necessary to move more or eat less to achieve effect.

In fact, you should be able to eat more of other foods without hanging on as long as you also eat a lot of fish and seafood.

Fish protein better than milk protein

Behind the study are Norwegian Lise Madsen and Bjørn Liaset at the Norwegian Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) and the University of Copenhagen. The study is ready for publication now in June.

– It has long been known that increased intake of proteins increases combustion. If you lose weight, it’s therefore worth eating more proteins and less carbohydrates. However, our research on mice and rats shows that proteins from lean fish seem to produce a better result than if you get milk proteins. Nothing suggests that it is different in humans, but we must prove this before we can say so for sure, “says Lise Madsen, a researcher at NIFES.

Slimming fat cells

Fish proteins lose weight

FAT INCREASE: Fish protein produces brown fat cells that burn calories to keep your body warm. Photo: Illustration photo: www. Colourbox. com

Facts about fish

  • Nutritional content: Fish is a good source of protein, vitamin B12, selenium and iodine. Oily fish and cranes are the most important sources of the long polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and vitamin D.
  • Skinny and fat: Cod, seaweed and haddock are considered to be lean fish, while mackerel, trout and salmon are fat fish. Fat fish contains more of the healthy fatty acids, and to get enough omega-3 is also recommended to eat fatty fish weekly.
  • We do not eat enough fish: The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends that you eat fish both as order and for dinner and that you vary between different fish species. There are relatively few (less than 2 percent) of adults who do not eat fish, but as many as 10 percent do not eat greasy fish and fish. The proportion that does not eat oily fish or fish orders is about twice as large among the younger as the elderly.
  • Women are the best : Women with high education are the best to eat fish, while adults with low education, men, children and young people eat too little.

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We have two types of fat cells in the body, white and brown.

The fat cells have different functions: The white cells save energy, that is, the calories we eat and make us fat.

The brown fat cells have the opposite effect: they burn calories to keep the body warm.

– We have used mice and rats in the trials to see how white fat cells can be transformed into brown. The studies show that fish proteins cause the body to form more brown fat cells, which in turn turn calories into heat instead of fat. Now we hope to see the same effect in humans. In the trials we have used proteins from lean fish, which contain more proteins than fatty fish. If you want to lose weight, it does not take omega-3 supplements because there are no capsules and pills containing fish proteins yet. You will have to eat fish, “says Madsen.

We eat too little fish

The Directorate of Health recommends at least two fish meals a week, but surveys show that we do not follow the advice of the authorities. We know that fish are good for health, but are bad for putting knowledge into practice.

There are many reasons why we do not eat enough fish.

Fish proteins lose weight

MORE FISH FOR THE PEOPLE: – Feel free to feed, but make sure the fish content is high, recommends Ingebjørg Moe, nutritionist and food consultant at the Fisheries Committee. Photo: Tom Benjaminsen

Some people do not like seafood, others are allergic. This may also be because we do not know what kind of fish we are going to buy, where we get fresh produce or how to prepare a good fish meal.

Feel free to eat fish sticks

For a busy day it’s easy to resort to the finished variants, and many go for fish from the freezer. But can fishing sticks and fish grains be regarded as full-time fish meals?

– Yes, fish sticks may be included as one of the week’s fish meals and you can buy frozen fish. But check the list of ingredients. The court should contain the most fish, informs nutrition physician Ingebjørg Moe in the Fisheries Committee for Fish.

– If you buy ready, there should be more fish than macaroni and sauce. Fish pudding and fish cakes should contain 60 percent fish.

Better immune system

Moe says you will notice a difference in health status if you increase your fish intake.

– Do you have a good diet beforehand, you will notice in the long term that eating fish three times a week is good for your health. On the other hand, if you eat very unhealthy, you will quickly notice big health gains by eating more fish. Fish can give you better immune system. Refresh your diet, and you can get rid of both colds and flu.

Fish proteins lose weight

BIKINICLES: If you want to lose weight with fish protein, it does not stop taking omega-3 supplements. You will have to eat fish. Photo: Illustration photo: www. Colourbox. com

If you find it difficult to make a lot of fish dinner, you can instead use fish as an order.

Fish proteins lose weight

Affects the combustion: Proteins in fish are especially beneficial for weight. Photo: Erik Hannemann

Fish Count

Last year, the research institute, YouGov, conducted a survey of 574 women and men on behalf of the transferee Möller`s. It showed:

  • 85 percent know that they should eat fish at least twice a week, but only 32 percent do it.
  • Those living in Oslo and Akershus are the best to eat fish. There eat 42 percent fish at least twice a week. The southerners are the worst, here the number is 17.
  • 17 per cent takes cod, 24 per cent takes capsules with fish oil and two per cent takes krill capsules. 41 percent do not take extra supplements of omega-3.

– One loaf of fish on a daily basis covers the daily need for omega-3. However, you should make sure to have skinny and oily fish regularly for your dinner meal, in addition to eating fruit and vegetables. Do not you like the classic fish meals, you can eat sushi, shrimp, crabs or mussels. Try new ways to cook the fish, maybe you will get a new favorite. I think everyone can find something they like, says Ingebjørg Moe.

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