Finally an advantage of being silly

You have no reason to slim yourself if you are heartbreaking, showing new research.

Finally an advantage of being silly

A major Danish study, published in the prestigious Heart Medicine magazine Heart the 18th. January, shows that obese are getting better out of heart attacks than normal-weighted.

Chief physician and leader Jøran Hjelmesæth at the Center for Illness Overweight in Health South East at the hospital in Vestfold, says that this is something that has been known for a long time.

According to Hjelmsæth, it is not only heart disease that can benefit from a few extra kilos, but far away everyone with a chronic illness.

– The apparent paradox that obesity is responsible for disease, but protects if you get ill have been shown by several studies on people with chronic diseases, he says.

Lower mortality

The clear speech of the tales is that some kilos of extra increase the likelihood of surviving a heart attack.

– The Danish study showed that it was best for those with a BMI between 27.5 and 30. For them, the risk of dying of the heart attack was reduced by about 20 per cent, compared with normal weight, says Hjelmesæth.

The worst is the extreme weight, at both ends of the scale.

– Those who had BMI over 40 or below 18, by far had the worst prognosis, but also those in lower levels of normal weight, with BMI between 18.5 and 23, had increased mortality, says Hjelmesæth.

Finally an advantage of being silly

– BMI formula is incorrect

Obesity paradox

Overweight and obesity are harmful to health, has been a mantra in Norwegian health care for a long time.

Helmet Seed says that it is well documented that obesity is available for heart disease, but it is still uncertain why obesity is protective for those who have already become ill.

– There may be many possible explanations for this. One possibility is that those who are normal and heart disease are sicker, or are more likely to be more seriously ill. Another explanation may be that the obese who suffer from cardiovascular disease have more muscle or are more talkative, but it is just speculation, says Hjelmesæth.

Composite image

Finally an advantage of being silly

UVISST: It is well documented that obesity is available for heart disease, but the doctors are still unsure why obesity is protective for those who have already become ill. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox

Chief Serena Tonstad at the Department of Preventive Cardiology at Oslo University Hospital is critical of the research findings.

Finally an advantage of being silly

Therefore, the narrow waist


She believes weight loss still has a place in the treatment of heart disease.

– As we see it, there is no problem that patients are too thin. That’s the opposite we struggle with. Obesity over the stomach absolutely worsens everything that has with heart disease, she says.

She states, however, that they do not go out of any ideal weight, but that they make a total assessment of each patient.

– It’s not everyone who needs to slim, even if they have high BMI. We make an individual assessment based on many factors, including blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, she says.

Can go down as much as they want

Tonstad explains that she recommends her patients a long-term weight reduction of between five to ten percent.

– We have never had a weight loss as a primary goal, but it goes without saying that those who have had a heart attack and have a BMI of 30 may benefit from lifestyle changes. Generally, I say to my patients that they can go down as much as they want, that’s just fine, she says.

Finally an advantage of being silly

Five methods to get rid of belly fat

There is only one group of heart patients Tonstad will discourage weight reduction.

– For those with heart failure, it’s no advantage to lose weight, but this is a small group in a special situation. It should not be generalized to anyone who has had a heart attack or other heart disease, she says.

No guidelines

General Secretary Frode Jahren National Association for Cardiovascular Disease (LHL), states that they do not provide any general weight or BMI recommendations to its members.

– We do not decide on a specific BMI goal. To that BMI is too precise. Most importantly, people do not smoke, eat healthy and are active every day.

He thinks there is too much focus on weight in the health debate.

– I agree with those who say that a couple of kilos of extra is ok. If people cut down on salt and sugar, and increase the intake of vegetables much will be achieved. Most important is smoking quitting, says Jahren.

BMI a bad goal?

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body mass index or body mass index (BMI) is calculated based on a person’s height and weight, giving most people a good measure of the amount of body fat.

BMI is defined as: BMI = Weight (kg) / Height (m) 2

You can calculate your BMI here.

World Health Organization (WHO) interpretation of BMI values ​​is as follows:

BMI <18. 5: underweight

BMI 18. 5-25: normal weight

BMI> 25: overweight

BMI> 30: Obesity

BMI> 35: Serious Obesity

Source: Nhi. com

Chief physician Jøran Hjelmesæth agrees with Jahren that BMI is not necessarily a good measure of obesity, as it does not differentiate between the type of overweight one has.

Another American study, published a few weeks ago, showed that those with normal BMI but high waist rates were those with the worst prognosis and the highest risk of dying in established heart disease.

He says this is an important point.

– The fat you have in the stomach region, the so-called abdominal fat, is more dangerous to the heart than the fat you have on your thighs and the bones. This illustrates that BMI is not always a good measure of the health hazards caused by obesity, says Hjelmesæth.

No slimming or betting

Although overweight heart disease has better prognosis than normal weight heart disease, Helmet Seed does not recommend anyone to gain weight.

– There is, in my opinion, absolutely no reason to embrace a slim or fat cure, if you are satisfied with the weight of your self. The most important thing is to be in everyday activity, eat healthy and possibly exercise, “he says.

He encourages everyone to have a good conscience for the weight they have.

– There is no reason to have a bad conscience because you are overweight. Stay in physical activity, that’s fine, he says.

Finally an advantage of being silly

So many cm. it should be around your stomach

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