Fearing fatalities

There is also a creak of ticks in Norway this summer, but hardly the most dangerous species.

Fearing fatalities

Fearing fatalities

This blood sucker sits in your bed

A more fatal variant of the TBE virus spread by ticks may be entering Sweden. The deadly virus has already been confirmed in Finland.

The TBE virus can cause central nervous system infection.

Death Ticks

– We had a case of TBE in Västerbotten last year, which we suspect may have been of the Siberian or Eastern type. But we never got to try to find it, “said Marika Hjertqvist, epidemiologist at the Swedish Infection Control Center, to the Swedish news agency TT.

The Institute of Public Health does not fear that the “Taigaflåtten” or “the death blast”, as it is popularly called, is on its way to Norway with the first.

Discovered in Finland

– In Finland, the virus has started to establish itself a bit, but it is important to emphasize that it is suspected that the case in Sweden may be of the Eastern type. One of the reasons was that the tifel was discovered a little outside the area where you usually find forest fleet, “says Preben Ottesen in the Public Health Institute to

He does not think we should fear that this virus will come to Norway in the next few years.

Ixodes persulcatus (“Taigaflåtten”) is primarily prevalent from Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, and east to China and Japan.

A lot of ticks in Norway

But Ottesen can confirm that there is a lot of ticks in Norway this year.

– The fleet file is quite stable year by year. We were on the south coast last week to look at the fleet file. I gathered 8000 ticks together, “said Ottesen, who simply waved in tears along the coast.

– We went in rubber boots and had to type between pants and boots. Nevertheless, I managed to get two fools on me, says the department director in the pest control department.

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Light clothing and mosquito repellent

He recommends pulling the socks over the trousers if in areas with a lot of ticks. If you wear light clothes, it is easier to see the flap as it clings to your clothes.

– Myth medicine can also help to keep the tick away, “says Preben Ottesen.

Can make you sick

Ticks can cause two types of diseases. Every year around 300 Norwegians get Lyme Borreliose of bite bites. Flak bites can also cause brain inflammation (forest naval cervix), but this virus disease is rare in Norway. In 2008, 11 cases were reported in Norway. Nine of them received the virus in Norway.

In addition to covering the ankles when you are out in an area with a lot of ticks, you may want to look for skin ticks after you have been out. Pay particular attention to looking after the skin on the skin of the children.

Symptoms of infection

You can also investigate whether you have flattened your clothes, also on your wings, and take a shower to flush away unattached flaps.

If you have skin patches, pull it out with a tweezers or just your fingers. If you do not get any symptoms of infection after a dandruff, there is no need to go to the doctor.

Read more about ticks at the Public Health Institute and at doktoronline.


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