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Facebook gives self-esteem

“Society is good for social,” says researcher.

Facebook gives self-esteem

These are on the Friends list:

  • Old classmates: 98 percent.
  • Childhood friends: 94 percent.
  • Family: 91 percent.
  • Friends of friends: 45 percent.
  • Teachers: 24 percent.
  • Unknown: 17 percent.
  • Celebrities: 12 percent.

The use of social networking sites has exploded, and most have posted their profile in one or more of these sites. 1.3 million Norwegians are on Facebook. They stand out from the others because most people use their real identity.

– I mean that the use of social networking sites can be very good for those who are not so social at all, “says Jan Ole Røvik, psychiatrist and researcher at the University of Oslo behavioral problems.

Those who do not dare to contact that daily often feel it’s easier to seek people through social networking sites, thus achieving the feeling of joining a community.

Do not diminish loneliness

Facebook is a digital community, and it is precisely this aspect that has made it so popular, says Berit Skog, Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

The online friendship gives the included feeling for a while, but it does not slow down the loneliness feeling for a long time.

– It’s stupid if Facebook completely takes over the normal relationships. It’s nice if those who are not so social at all, gain more self-esteem, but they should also be trained to seek out normal people, “says Jan Ole Røvik.

In 2007, Berit Skog conducted a survey on the use of Facebook, and wrote the report “From World of War craft to Youtube”.

Read more about the report: Self-featured on Facebook.

For self-employed

Unlike those who do not have such good self-esteem, Facebook can cause them to become very self-reliant.

– For those who have a huge self-esteem and a mental problem with this, Facebook may make it worse, says Jan Ole Røvik.

The self-absorbed exposure needs to be covered by the ability to tell about themselves, postpone images and have an excessive number of friends, and this is achieved by the social networking community.

– We live in a society where the standards for profiling themselves have changed, and where participation in social networks contributes to this being accepted, “says Berit Skog.

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