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Eurax 10%

The best mosquito repellent

Eurax 10%

In short:

Here’s how the points are weighted:

Do not damage plastic, laundry, etc.: The medium does not damage clothing, plastic, leather or other items. Weighted by 25%.

Odor: How does the medium smell – Comfortable, slight scent or no smell? Weighted with 25%.

Comfort: How is the mosquito repellent on the skin? Is it sticky when the medium has pulled in? Weighted with 25%.

Effect against mosquitoes: Does the mosquito repellent keep the mosquito away? Weighted by 25%.

Novartis Norge AS, www.novartis.no

Type: Cream

Quantity: 20 grams

Active substance: Krotamiton

Manufacturer Info: A cleansing, prescription-free ointment that can be used on a limited skin surface two to three times daily by adults and children over three years. In children under three years once a day. Avoid getting the ointment near the eyes. The active substance Krotamiton is poisonous for skabbam.

Do not damage laundry / plastic: 80/100

Smells: 80/100

Comfort: 40/100

Effect against mosquito: 60/100

Total: 60/100


Producer Novartis Norge AS Price 75


Eurax received a lot of attention a number of years ago when it turned out that it also kept the mosquito away according to those who used it. A mosquito bite was detected during the test period. The cream requires a little work to get smear evenly. It forms a fat hide without noticeable odor.

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