” erectile failure ” is often something completely different

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Viagra is no “quick fix”, a supernut that the man can take if he has lost the piff and he is guaranteed to have super powers again.

– But many men think that Viagra is a quick fix, and knows little about having sex for the tablets to work, “said Haakon Aars, a physician, psychiatrist and sexologist at the Department of Clinical Sexology and therapy in Oslo.

He has also written the book Men’s sexuality (Cappelen Damm, 2011).

Calling lymph problems for erection failure

– Viagra has rightly made it more ‘accepted’ to talk about erection failure, and therefore a man who comes to the doctor can call light problems for erection failure and may then receive viagra for this. But then it does not help, because there are no signs of erection, “says Aars.

The point is that erection tablets like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis only help if you have sexual desire, we are told.

– This is a recurrent problem I see in my therapy room, “says Aars.

Erection failure, or?

" erectile failure " is often something completely different

Do you have morro bread, everything is ok

In his book, Aars writes that before concluding that there are erection problems at all, there should be some questions, such as: Does the patient use medication? Is the reduced desire only the partner or is the other in the picture? Do you have a draw against the same sex? Is there an underlying depression?

– It’s important that the doctor finds out the cause of erection weight and not only treats this because the doctor believes the reason that the man does not “get it up” is an erection failure, Aars emphasizes that extensively describes this in the book its.

– There are, for example, many medicines that may have a side effect that they lack lack of sexual desire and erection failure, he says.

Remedies to “wake up” the desire

In some cases, however, the doctor may, in consultation with the patient and after careful consultation, consider printing an erective drug (not Viagra, red. note. ) to help the man “awaken” the desire.

" erectile failure " is often something completely different

Most men have more to get in bed

– Signals from the penis can actually increase the motivation we have between the ears. You may want to start by giving him an erection tablet like Cialis as he takes small amounts of each day and reduces the threshold for penis to respond, says a doctor and specialist on male sexuality at the Andrological Center in Oslo Kenneth Purvis.

Do not Stand Standing

He says it’s about giving the man peace of mind, but also sending a signal from the penis, a signal he needs to move on with this motivation.

– Thus, his sexual motivation will increase the effect of the tablets, “says Purvis.

" erectile failure " is often something completely different

Gladness for Men with Small Penis

" erectile failure " is often something completely different

– Men are ignoring “awesome mailers”

" erectile failure " is often something completely different

– A bent penis is a good penis

Purvis emphasizes that it’s about stimulating, giving the man the right mindset, not about giving him constant erection.

– When he is in the shower and ishes, he will be able to get blood in the penis or he may notice that the morning reaction gets better. These are reminders to him that he is a man, and this will thus increase his sexual motivation, “explains Purvis..

Help, Need Viagra!

Aars supports Purvis in this and confirms that erection failure is in all cases complex and complicated.

This is also evident from the questions Aars received about this at Lommelegen. No, where men wonder if Viagra can give them sex backlash or where they wonder why Viagra does not work.

– Some questions a man with erection failure may ask is for example if he works well a lot and has little profit, which adversely affects the sexual desire and, in turn, will adversely affect erection. Perhaps the relationship has cooled or maybe he should stop smoking and convert to a better lifestyle with diet and exercise, says Aars.

Reasons for erection failure

It is common to divide the causal relationships of erectile or potential problems in organic and psychological causes.

Organic causes may be local anatomical and / or physiological conditions, or coincide with chronic disease states that indirectly affect sexual functions.

In psychogenic erection problems there is a psychological blockage of the ability to achieve erection. The most common causes are performance anxiety and retardation of sexual desire and ability, often due to. previous bad experiences and experiences.

Psychological factors will also apply to organic causes of erection failure. They can help aggravate the situation through the mental blockage of desire and ability.

Source: Sexologist and specialist in general medicine, Kjell-Olav B. Svendsen, Stor Norske leksikon / snl. com

In addition, it may be advisable that he has checked for any underlying disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and so forth.

Causes of erection failure

Causes of erection failure can be divided into organic (anatomical / physiological) and psychogenic (psychological) causes.

But it is important to be aware that psychological causes can also be applied if the cause is of a more physiological nature and can thus help to aggravate the situation.

– The mental will always play in erection failure because it naturally makes a man uneasy and perhaps depressed, which further worsens an erection failure. Therefore, it is always important to find the cause and so treat it, Aars emphasizes.

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