Ending snus

More and more snus, but there are also many who try to quit. Here are three good tips to get you started.

Ending snus

1. Step down or end right away?

The best thing is usually to quit right away. But for some, a downtrapping can work better. In both cases, it is most important to have a clear goal. Determine a date for when you are going to be snus free.

2. Gather argument

Carefully think about why you want to quit snus. Think about the benefits of not being addicted. Please write down the arguments and the benefits of quitting and present them when the snuggle gets worse.

3. Find a replacement

Ending snus

Feminine snus explosion

Ending snus

Now the smoking policy comes

Ending snus

Tests controversial medicine on snusers

It can help you if you find a replacement for the snus, at least the first time. You can use a piece of ginger, a teaspoon of strong spices or anything else that is a bit strong. Nicotine free snus can also be an option.

Smoking is more dangerous

In a comparison between snus and tobacco smoking, snuff is significantly less harmful.

Experts estimate that snus is 90 percent less harmful than smoke.

Sniff more on this drug here

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