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Eat awake

Check what you eat to keep the cook in the dark.

Eat awake

Do you want to get to school or work in the winter months, it’s important that you think about what you eat.

D vitamins from the tran

– We get less sun and less D vitamins. It’s a good huskeregel and take tears for months with R, and they are many of the years ahead. To have a good immune system to keep us healthy, it is also important to eat varied, says clinical nutritionist, Line Kristin Johnson.

In addition to vitamins, antioxidants are important. Here’s the rule of thumb that the stronger the color of fruit and berries, its more antioxidants you get in you.

Eat before you go

Johnson stresses it’s a good idea to eat a few crispbreads or the like, plus a fruit or vegetable when you leave work.

– It is often long between lunch and dinner. And if you do not eat anything, you eat easily too fast and too much when you first get dinner, says the nutritionist.

Enough sleep

We also need more sleep in the winter than in summer.

Eat awake

DESTINATIVE D-VITAMINS: Tran is beneficial to getting enough D vitamins in the winter, says clinical nutrition physiotherapist Line Kristin Johnson Photo: The New

– It turns out that if you sleep too little, it can affect the combustion in a negative way. So be sure to sleep as much as you need, says Johnsen.

– At least eight hours a night, nutrition biologist Lise Von Krogh recommends clicking. no.

– Good with coffee

She discourages “tired morratryner” to skip lunch.

– Breakfast is even more important in the winter. Please take a coffee to wake up properly. Coffee is actually Norway’s largest source of antioxidants, says Lise Von Krogh.

Eight winter tips

Here are eight tricks to get well well through the fall and winter before the sun sets on:

1. Eat fish: Fish contains useful fat that is pure wonder for the body.

2. Mosions: Exercise is important regardless of age, body and gender. And it does not have to be hard training at the health club or marathon in the field. The most important thing is to keep you moving. Get out and go for a walk three times a week, and more if you want!

3. Eat fruit: It is pouring Norwegian fruits and vegetables in the fall. Five a day is really a good advice. Do you eat a fruit or vegetable in the morning, one for lunch (for example salad for the coarse bread) as well as a serving of vegetables for dinner, you only have two fruits to spread throughout the day.

4. Drink a lot: If you manage to drink two liters of water each day, you get more focused and get more energy. In addition, you can make a smoothie with fruits and vegetables, or some good hot drinks with coffee and tea.

5. Plei friendship: The fall is time for home cooking, but it’s not so smart just to sit home alone. Bring an exotic tea, some dark chocolate and maybe a bottle of red wine to some good friends.

It helps in the mood to be with people you love.

6. Use the weekend: We will soon make so many plans for the weekend that the possibility of extra sleep goes away. Use the weekend to sleep and enjoy yourself. Try to be rested when you go to work on Mondays, and you’ll be more active during the week. The mood is much better when you sleep well about the nights!

Eat awake

Snap against harvest depression

Eat awake

The perfect morning ritual

Eat awake

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7. Eat vitamins and minerals: The most important vitamins and minerals are obtained when you eat varied and versatile. An adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is important to the body’s immune system. If for some reason you eat for a period of time, you may want to try a multivitamin supplement.

8. Eat supper: It’s better to eat a little less for dinner and a small evening meal than a big dinner (which makes you dizzy and relaxed) and no supper. With some food in your stomach you will also sleep better at night.

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