Drive tomorrow? So much you can drink tonight

If you were at a party yesterday, you should leave the car today.

Drive tomorrow? So much you can drink tonight

– How long you have to wait to drive if you have drunk the night before, touch a number of things: How much have you been drinking during the evening, when did you stop drinking and when do you go out and drive? Communications Manager in Safe Traffic Kristin Øyen.

In addition, it plays a role how quickly the body burns alcohol.

– Combustion is determined, among other things, by gender and body weight, she says.

Faster promille on an empty stomach

Acceptance of alcohol varies from person to person, and whether you drink on an empty stomach or take a Christmas beer and akevitt together with an eve Christmas dinner is also important.

– When you eat while drinking, your body will take the alcohol more slowly. On an empty stomach, the body absorbs alcohol in an hour’s time, while this process can take hours on a full stomach, says Morten Fransrud.

He is a professional at NAF Trafikktrening.

Do not feel full

How much drink gives 0.2 percent?

A woman of 58 kg gains 0.2 percent if she drinks a half-bottle of light beer (0.33l)

A man of 70 kg can get 0.2 percent if he drinks half a liter of light beer.

Source: FHI

To calculate the blood alcohol concentration after an alcohol intake:

Alcohol intake in grams / 68 percent of body weight (kg) – (0.15x hours from drinking start) = current promille

As long as the alcohol is still in the intestinal tract, the body has no promille.

As soon as you get drunk, in addition to the aforementioned factors, you also know how much you are consuming alcohol.

An alcoholic will need more alcohol before he or she perceives drunkenness than people who have a more moderate relationship with alcohol.

Promille is constantly sinking

If you only drink one glass of Christmas beer, you will naturally become more promiscuous.

Alcohol burns are variable , and the average will decrease by 0.12-0.18 percent per hour.

However, remember that there is no fence here, so you should not take any chances.

– Imagine if you are abnormal and burn 0.08 per cent per hour. Then this process takes much longer, says Fransrud.

How to get used to drinking alcohol can also affect the burnout.

Do not drive if you’re bad

In Norway where driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle is prohibited when you are affected by alcohol and your promille is 0.2 or higher you are always counting as affected.

Consequences of substance abuse while driving:


  • Promille from 0.21 to 0.40 gives a deposit of 6000 kroner
  • Promille from 0.41 to 0.50 gives a fine of 10-12,000 NOK
  • In the case of more than 0.5 per cent, the boat will initially equal one and a half gross monthly salary


  • Promise 1.0-1.5 in the blood or alcohol concentration in the exhaled air over 0.5 percent and 0.75 milligrams per liter of air

Driver license suspension:

  • For 0,2-0,5 promille, the driver card must be entered for at least one year. The retention time increases with the degree of influence
  • At alcohol concentration from 0.5-0.8 per cent, the driver’s license is usually entered for 18 months
  • At alcohol concentration from 0.8-1.2 per cent, the driver’s license is entered 20-22 months
  • Is the promille more than 1.2, the driver’s license is renewed for two years

Source: NAF

– However, one can also be punished even if the promille is less than 0.2 if it seems affected, says Fransrud.

And of course you will not run if you feel trembling and in bad shape the day after a party.

It’s a little help that you have no promise.

Women withstand less

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has made some calculations on its website that show how much you can theoretically drink before midnight if you want to be sure to be free of charge next morning.

However, remember that there are certain variables here that make the examples do not necessarily apply to everyone.

“A man weighing 96kg should not drink more than a ¾ bottle of wine in the period 22-24 if he is going to drive a car next day at 07. 00 “, writes the Public Health Institute.

Women must, however, take care to drink less than men.

A relatively small woman can drink three small bottles of beer before midnight if she is about to drive at 08. 00.

Let your car have a day off

Have you really stuck the night before, maybe almost until morning, the math is quite different.

Fransrud therefore believes that it is a good rule of thumb to always leave the car the next day if you have been to a party.

– Although a promille test at home will tell you if you can drive or not, I do not think this is a good solution. The fact that you feel at all that you have to blow probably means you should not drive, he says.

Do you know that you should drive the following day, simply drink less or choose alcohol-free.

– If you do not manage to stay away from alcohol when you know you’re going to drive the day then it actually means you can not control your alcohol intake. Then you have a problem, he says.

Not feeling sober

So feeling sober is not enough.

Drive tomorrow? So much you can drink tonight

Leave the car: NAF recommends that you leave the car the next day if you have been drinking close to the party. Photo: Illustration photo: Colorbox

– No, you can not count on it. Some may feel good and still have a promille, while others may feel worn out and bad after a party, even though they have zero in bulk, “Øyen says..

What does the promille tell you?

The promille shows how many thousandths of a unit of weight blood consists of alcohol. 1.0 promille means that there is one gram of alcohol in one kilogram of blood.

Did you know that:

Research from the United States suggests that the use of mobile phones during car cooling is equivalent to driving by 0.8 in bulk.

Certainly, you can only be if you have been drinking very little or nothing in the evening before driving.

– Assessing whether you are sober or not, based on how you feel is very difficult. This also depends on how well you know yourself, adds Fransrud.

Does not help to work out

You may have heard that a proper workout session, a stay in the sauna or a strong coffee day can make you sober sober, but this does not matter.

– When you exercise, you burn fat, but you do not burn the alcohol in your blood. In other words, you become in better shape, but you do not get a lower score, says Fransrud.

Training and alcohol is a bad combination at all.

There is simply no wonder that causes your prom to go faster.

Danger on the road

The next time you feel a little bit the day after that, it is best advised to take your feet or let others run.

For your own and other sake.

– Most people are very concerned about the danger of being taken if you drive with a promille, but it is not this danger you should be most concerned about. Also, remember that the risk of driving on someone increases with your promille and it’s much worse than being taken in control, says Fransrud.

This is something that affects the promille:

  • How much you drink
  • If you have an empty or full stomach
  • Whether you are a woman or a man
  • Your weight
  • Amount of water in the body
  • How are you used to drinking

Numbers from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration show that substance abuse and fatigue contributed to 22 and 14% of fatalities in traffic between 2005 and 2012.

In other words, driving in an affected state has a significantly greater risk of inflicting both yourself and other serious traffic injuries, “she says..

Do not mix painkillers and alcohol

This is how you mix penicillin and alcohol



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