Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

Does it agree that wine and beer are curled? We have checked 10 alcohol families.

Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

There are many myths about alcohol. Have you been to a party during an antibiotic cure, you have probably heard that alcohol will destroy the effects of the medicine.

You’re not alone if you’ve taken a knee to keep warm. Many of us have also tried us out with a mix of wine and beer, because is not the order you drink this important for how full you are? Beer and wine will be fine, while wine and beer will be curled, or?

Lets control

– How full you get has enough nothing with the order to do. The promille in the body becomes exactly the same, so this is just a myth, says Clinic Director at Bergen Clinic Kari Lossius.

The fact that you think wine and beer are getting more curly than beer and wine, is because you rather go to the beer a bit faster after drinking a glass of wine or two.

– You may perceive that you get more full of this combination, she says.

Kills the fetal brain cells

You may also have heard that alcohol consumption leads to brain cells, but this may not necessarily work completely.

It is nevertheless possible to kill brain cells with alcohol, even if it is not your own.

– Intake of alcohol in pregnant women, even at low levels, can actually lead to the death of brain cells in the fetus, says doctor and medical director at Best Health Nordstrand, Ola Sand.

Here we take a small settlement with these and a number of other myths about alcohol.

Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

Some tastes directly pyton

1. Lettøl does not give promille


– This only applies if you choose a beer with zero promille, but it will be very easy to read in a very short period of time before talking about it, says Clinic Director at Bergen Clinic Kari Lossius.

2. Wine and beer, it’s getting curly – beer and wine, it’s nice


– How full you are, really has nothing to do with the mixture. It’s exactly the same what and in which order you drink it. It is the promille that determines how full you are, says Kari Lossius.

That you can drink more amounts of beer after getting a few glasses of wine with stronger alcohol, is another matter. But then it is regardless of the amount of alcohol that determines.

3. We can drink more in the heat because we sweat the alcohol


Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

Therefore women are getting more full

– Getting down the prom has nothing to do with sweat. Alcohol is broken down into the liver, so it does not matter how hot it is, says Kari Lossius.

4. Men tolerate more than women


– It’s actually true. Men tolerate much more alcohol than women. Women usually have less bodies, and men have more water in the body that the alcohol can be mixed in. Men also have an enzyme in the stomach that causes alcohol to break down there in addition to the liver, says Kari Lossius.

Women must accept that they tolerate less and this is extraordinarily difficult today, as gender equality has come so far here in the country. According to Lossius, it is the one who has to blame for the fact that women’s alcohol consumption has risen as vigorously as it has in recent decades.

Women have got senior positions, we attend courses and conferences, we have their own finances and live to a greater extent like men do. This means that we also take over the habits of men, and it’s no wonder we also take part in the drinking culture, says Lossius.

5. Alcohol helps keep the heat out when it’s cold outside


Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

BEAT OR WINE FIRST: It does not matter which order you take for the drinks. It is the promille that determines how full you are. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

– You will not get hotter with alcohol – rather on the contrary. One feels, however, that one gets it, which can be dangerous when it’s really cold outside, says Kari Lossius.

Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

You think this is fine

Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

You can get a lot of training, masturbation and some Ibux

6. The exercise day then causes the hangover to disappear faster


– No, nor is it a good idea to work out the day afterwards. The body needs rest and care when you have hangover because this is almost like having the flu. However, if you feel the week can help a fresh air, says Kari Lossius.

If you are one of the many who, after a hard workout, treat yourself to a “healthy” glass of red wine – this may not be either healthy or cheated. At least not when it comes to training effect.

The amount of alcohol in alcohol should be the only reason to choose other ways to quench the thirst.

7. An allergy tablet before the party can prevent fouling


– Whether allergy tablets counteract foul sickness are controversial, but they seem to dampen some of the discomfort the day after. Most importantly, however, is the intake of water – preferably with some salts and sugar, “says Ola Sand.

There is not much research done on hangover, and probably not much you can do without drinking less, eat while drinking, preferably salty foods, drink plenty of water and sleep well before and after, according to the general practitioner Merete Vevelstad in the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s Department of Forensic Medicine and Drug Research.

Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

Do not eat at all this day then

8. It is dangerous to mix painkillers and alcohol


– This is correct. We die when we have a four-pill, and this threshold is lowered when you take painkillers. Mixing alcohol and medication can therefore be dangerous, says Kari Lossius.

Physician and medical director at Best Health Nordstrand, Ola Sand, emphasizes that while pain relievers may be unlucky to combine with alcohol, it depends on the amount of both pills and alcohol.

– Paracetamol is swallowed into the liver such as alcohol, and the effect of the liver may then be harmful. If you choose Ibux, it may increase the irritation of the stomach. Moderate amounts of both are probably hardly harmful, “says Sand.

9. Alcohol destroys the effect of antibiotics


– It is true that alcohol can destroy the effects of antibiotics. Alcohol leads to inhibition of antidiuretic hormone (ADH), which causes the fluid loss to be greater than the intake. This causes the antibiotic to become faster secreted from the body and thus has a shorter duration of action, says doctor and medical director at Best Health Nordstrand Ola Sand.

– It has been argued that intake of large amounts of alcohol increases the excretion through the kidneys, thus making medicine less efficient so it takes longer to recover. But when it comes to taking a glass of alcohol when going to the penicillin, there are no major medical opposites against this, General Silje Rebekka Olsen at Oseberg Medical Clinic has previously stated to Click. no.

Nevertheless, she does not recommend people to drink alcohol when they go to antibiotics.

Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

This is how you mix alcohol and penicillin

– When your doctor has given you penicillin or any other type of antibiotics, it is because he or she has considered that you are ill and have an infection in the body who needs treatment. It is therefore recommended that you take it easy with activity levels and alcohol intake until you get well, says Olsen.

“It’s no problem to drink a glass of red wine or two, so it may be less boring to be sick, but it depends on how sick you are,” says Dag Berild, senior doctor and dr.. with the department of infection and the Department of Medicine at the University of Oslo.

Berild emphasizes, however, that if you are very ill, it is hardly wise to ingest a larger amount of alcohol.

But both he and Olsen emphasize that there are some types of antibiotics that absolutely must not be mixed with alcohol.

Of these, Flagyl is the most widely used.

Flagyl is used, for example, against gastrointestinal infections and infections in the abdomen of women, and under no circumstances should it be combined with alcohol.

Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

Test yourself: Do you have an alcohol problem?

10. Man breaks brain cells every time you drink


– You do not destroy your brain cells every time you drink, even at high promille. It is the communication between brain cells that will be transiently weakened. Long-term alcohol consumption can lead to various types of brain damage, but then it is not directly the alcohol that is the cause, but the consequences of abuse, for example, due to poor nutrition, says Ola Sand.

– The purely chemical explanation for substance abuse is that alcohol acts on receptors on brain cells in different brain centers and affects and changes the function of these. Both critical sense and voice guidance change. The same applies to coordination and judgment. In short; We say and do things we would not have done in sober condition. As is known, it is often not so smart things either, “says Jørg Mørland, Division Director of Forensic Medicine and Drug Research at the National Institute of Public Health..

– Although both brain cells and brain centers get undergone when we drink too much, it is nevertheless a myth that alcohol kills brain cells, says Mørland.

Unless we drink so much that we seduce the center that controls breathing to a degree that gives us a general lack of oxygen that can harm the brain, the alcohol does not kill either cells or damage body organs at first.

Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

This completes your body

– However, alcohol’s long-term injury is significant, he says.

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Does it agree that wine and beer are curled?

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