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Do you think water with vitamins is healthy?

Experts erase the health trend.

Do you think water with vitamins is healthy?

Buying a bottle of vitamin water to get the vitamins you need seems like a simple and straightforward solution.

According to experts, however, this is not the optimal way to supply the body with the vitamins it needs.

Strict Rules

– I can not say I see the need for vitamin water. In Norway we have a strict regulatory framework, and the small amount of vitamins allowed to add in such a product has little significance in the big picture.

It says associate professor and clinical nutrition physiologist at the University of Oslo, Christine Henriksen.

She says that the reason for the strict regulations is that we should not risk getting too much of the individual vitamins.

Dangerous sleeping pillow

Often, they are not the vitamins we really need, as well as supplements of the vitamin water.

– If you need vitamins, it is much more accurate to eat vitamin tablets. Then you know that you get the right amount. Neither too much nor too little, she says.

Henriksen adds that it’s also stupid if drinking vitamin water acts like a sleeping pillow.

– Some may want to think that since they drink vitamin water, it’s not very easy to eat vegetables, she says.

How to end up missing important nutrients found in vegetables, if you use vitamin water as a source of nutrition.

Unable to concentrate in bottle

Nutritionist Therese F. Mathisen agrees and emphasizes that food with vitamins contributes far more than some vitamin B, C or vitamin D.

Therefore, these grants can never be measured with food. Through the food you get a wide supply of more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and other phytochemicals. This does not make it possible to concentrate and put in isolation on a bottle, she says.

Do you think water with vitamins is healthy?

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Physician and diet expert Fedon Lindberg also believes it is important to think overall.

– Vitamins, minerals and thousands of other nutrients in food work like an orchestra. They exercise synergy and are not solo players, “he says.

Needs fat to be absorbed

– Initially, I do not see any reason to enrich water with vitamins as the need can be well covered with a healthy and varied diet, says Mathisen.

Do you think water with vitamins is healthy?

Is it easy to drink light brown?

She adds that some nutrients are also dependent on fat to be absorbed into the body.

– Thus, water is a poor solution that carries such vitamins and minerals, “she says.

Eat varied

It is therefore far better to have a sensible, varied diet and supplement with good multivitamin and mineral supplements as well as Vitamin D and Omega 3 fat in the form of fish oil, cranberry or krill oil, “says Lindberg..

Should you take more than this, it must be because you have a health problem and have taken more advanced tests that can detect deficiencies or increased needs.

My experience from samples taken at our clinic is that many people actually have a bigger need, but then tailoring any grants after optimizing the diet, Lindberg strikes.

Small risk of overdose

The danger of overdose of vitamins is fortunately small.

– Such products can only be harmful if you use them while taking different grants. Then there may be too much of some vitamins and minerals, “says Lindberg.

Do you think water with vitamins is healthy?

Gastecard can cause brain damage

He confirms that Norway is a restrictive one in relation to enrichment and states that it is usually water-soluble vitamins allowed in enrichment.

That is, B vitamins and vitamin C.

These vitamins are removed from the blood through the kidneys, and therefore there is no danger of toxicity.

However, fat-soluble vitamins in large doses over a long period of time can cause them to accumulate in adipose tissue and can theoretically lead to toxicity. However, he must emphasize very large doses.

False Security

– The next question is what doses of the various vitamins that are added. If there are only traces of vitamins in them, compared to our actual need for the vitamin in question, it will be a bit tricky, Mathisen adds.

One believes that you buy a bottle of vitamin V, but actually get a bottle of flavored water without any significant contribution of the vitamins whatsoever.

Tasty dry drink

The conclusion of the experts must therefore be that you can drink vitamin water, but you should not do it to ensure adequate vitamin intake.

Because if the vitamin water is not the best option when adding to the body important vitamins, it may have other values.

Do you think water with vitamins is healthy?

– There is no need to take tran

– Does it taste good? Does it have a physiological pH that does not tear the teeth and is it low? Then you can at least defend it as a drizzle for those who do not like water, says Mathisen.

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