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Do you suffer from bad breath?

Many people suffer from bad breath despite good dental hygiene. What is caused by bad breath and what can you do to get a fresh breath?

Have you ever considered heavy scraping? In the old days, it was a common routine to get a breath of fresh air. Bad breath, or halitosis as it is called, may be due to several things like disease, the food we eat and bacteria in the oral cavity. The odor may originate from the oral cavity, or it may come from substances that are excreted in the lungs from the lungs.

Garlic Theological

There can be a big difference in the spirit of a vegetarian and an altar. Milk, dairy products, meat and eggs produce more often inferior breath than plant foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains. Onions and garlic are thus the exception that confirms the rule. In garlic and onion there are aromatic sulfurous substances that pass directly into the blood and pass out through the lungs, with a bad breath to follow.


Meat, especially fat meat such as sheep and beef, and pigs with a lot of visible fat, are converted into volatile fatty acids in the digestive system and excreted through the lungs. At all, fat in the diet can give a sour environment which in turn gives a bad breath. In people with lactose intolerance large quantities of milk and milk products can cause a bad breath. This is due to incomplete degradation of lactose in the intestine, which in turn causes an accumulation of amino acids. Bacteria in the intestine will convert sulfur-containing amino acids into volatile sulfur-containing compounds (hydrogen sulfide and methylmercaptan) that pass into the lungs. These substances give an unpleasant odor even in very low concentrations.

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Do you suffer from bad breath?

SVOVEL: Meat and garlic can cause bad breath. Photo: Robert Gubbins / Crestock

Good oral hygiene is important

Bacteria in the oral cavity does not necessarily need protein rich foods to produce bad odors. In the oral cavity, anaerobic bacteria can find a lot of good snacks in protein residues from dead skin cells and protein compounds in the saliva.

A solution of zinc can remove the smell of onions and garlic you may have on your hands after cooking. To some extent, it also works if you rinse your mouth with zinc. You can also get swallowed pills. Zinc binder for sulfur and can to some extent counteract bad breath. However, zinc does not help with the sulfur odor that comes from the lungs, ie the actual exhale. Then you can try parsley or alfalfa sprouts. Both parsley and alfalfa sprouts contain a lot of chlorophyll, and chlorophyll can act as a natural mouth cleaner, thus giving a fresher breath.

Special Relationships

Some diseases can cause an occasional or permanent bad breath. Diabetics with high blood sugar may experience an acetone-like smell of the spirit. Neck and nose infections can cause bad breath, as well as long-term liver disease, gums in the gut or oral cavity and dry mouth. In such cases, the problem must be addressed by a specialist.


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