Do you lose abnormally much hair?

How to avoid losing hair

Do you lose abnormally much hair?

Do you lose abnormally much hair?

Oda lost her hair when she was 13 years

Causes of hair falling off


If you are an above average stressed person, either in everyday life or personal, this may appear on skin and hair. Stress can cause imbalance in the body, which in turn can lead to hair loss.


If you do not get the nutrients your body needs, it can actually cause you to lose hair. For example, if you have had a nutritionally low diet, it may be a form of hair loss.


Are you female and approaching menopause? Then it is common for women to become thinner in the hair, and that may be the reason.


The main cause of genetic or hormonal hair loss, and weaker and thinner hair, is the DHT hormone that is three times more powerful than the male sex hormone testosterone. The hormone contributes to a shortened growth phase, and the hair follicles become smaller. As a result, the small blood vessels that supply the skin and the hair with blood and nutrients become less effective and the cells receive less nutrition.

Source: Eirik Thorsen, owner and senior art director at the hairdressing salon Adam and Eva Grensen.

Is your hair brush full of hair, or do you feel that all hairs are left in the shower when you shower?

Well, you are in the case of not alone.

It is common to lose around 100 hairs a day. Some more, others a little less. But when do you lose so much that you should take a trip to the doctor?

Lisbeth Rustad is head of department at the skin department at Haukeland University Hospital. She informs that there may be serious illnesses that are the cause of hair loss.

Lose hair daily

According to Rustad, there may be several reasons for losing your hair. The most common is skin disease, general disease such as systemic disease, hormone disorder, cancer, cancer treatment or deficiency disease.

– Mechanical or chemical hairdressing can also be a cause, in addition to any mental illness, where you forcefully pull out your hair, she informs you about.

She further explains that there are also unknown causes of hair loss. It is called idiopathic hair loss and is hair loss without finding a specific reason for it.

– It’s important to be aware that your hair has a normal growth cycle. This means that the hair grows and falls off continuously.

Rustad points out that this is usually regulated so that you have a balance in hair growth. You will usually not notice that you lose hair daily, because new hair will constantly replace what is falling off.

Hair loss is when it falls off more hair than it is replaced.

– For example, when men get “moon”, it is first and foremost a phenomenon linked to hereditary characteristics, and the sensitivity of the sex hormones affecting the hair follicles, she announces.

Be aware of redness and itching

Itching, redness and dandruff in the scalp are not signs of hair loss. But it may mean a disease of the scalp, which in turn can lead to hair loss.

– If there are visible signs of redness, crusts, swelling or sores on the scalp, it is obvious that something is not as it should, says Rustad.

She tells that if your hair starts to fall off without looking for any particular cause, it may be hormonal or internal disease. Then consult a doctor to clarify the problem and, if necessary, check it further.

– Note that redness and dandruff may be symptoms of eczema or psoriasis, which may rarely affect hair growth and increase hair loss.

– There is sometimes underlying disease that causes changes in both skin, scalp and nails, Rustad explains..

Preventive hair product

Eirik Thorsen, owner and senior art director at the hairdressing salon Adam and Eva Grensen, is convinced that if you notice that you lose a lot of hair, you should look at what lifestyle you have. Also, talk to your doctor about the problem.

Do you lose abnormally much hair?

– You can not defy nature, but you may probably slow down the process

Rustad informs that a healthy and balanced diet means a lot for skin and hair. It also does moderate sunbathing, and less use of chemicals.

According to Thorsen, there is also a solution that will help prevent hair loss.

– There are some hair products that we see provide good results. The purpose is to make each hair thicker, as well as stimulate hair growth.

Talk to your hairdresser the next time you are in to check if you can give selected products a chance to prevent hair loss.

Avoid chemical treatment

Rustad says that hair products help your hair look nice, but that, however, will not help with hair loss if there is a disease that causes the hair problem.

Do you lose abnormally much hair?

Scalp pruritus may be due to onset of skin cancer

– Assuming you do not have a disease, your health will coincide with your lifestyle, nutritional intake, and possible use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, “she says..

Much chemical or mechanical treatment like permanent and dyeing of the hair should also be reduced and most preferably avoided.

And the hairdresser also agrees.

– Excessive use of chemical treatments like bleaching, dyeing and structural change can cause you to lose hair, says Thorsen.

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