Do you have bread, everything is ok

Impotence and erection failure are nothing to bother with. The problems can also be an early sign of serious illness.

Do you have bread, everything is ok

Possible causes of erection failure:

– Beginning cardiovascular disease

– Diabetes

– Metabolic Syndrome / Low Testosterone Level

– Medicine use (for example, blood pressure medications such as beta-blockers and neuropathies)

– Bad Marriage / Relationship

Sources: Raymond Mortensen and Knut Henning Klem

After age 40, erection failure and impotence are more common problems. You simply do not get it anymore.

However, there is no reason to settle down that you can no longer be sexually active, because a doctor’s check will quickly clarify what the problem is.

Signs of heart disease

And it’s not just for the part of the sex life, you should take a trip to the doctor when the junior fails. If you notice that the morning reaction also disappears, this may be a central and early sign that something is seriously wrong.

– An erection failure, without other explanation, is an important sign that you may have a cardiovascular problem, “says Urology Northologist Uzbek Raymond Mortensen..

Not just socially

A cardiovascular problem often often fits into the small blood vessels in the penis, which again leads to erection failure.

Therefore, erectile dysfunction is not only a social problem but can also be a sign of serious illness, “he says.. People with diabetes may also feel that they are struggling to get erection.

Too little testosterone

But impotence or erection failure does not have to mean you’re heartbreaking.

You can also be one of about ten percent who, after the age of 40, get too little male hormones. This will often affect both the light and the ability, and according to Mortensen this often applies to the same men who get a lot of belly fat around this age.

Up from the sofa

Do you have bread, everything is ok

Odor and color on the sperm reveal health

– A blood test will show if you have such a metabolic syndrome. In that case, an improved lifestyle could help the situation. More physical activity is by far the first action if you want to improve your potency, because the sofasites are clearly more likely to be impotent than the athlete, says Mortensen.

There are also other things that speed up the erection.


Should the problems be in the testosterone level, it is possible to get grants that can solve the problem.

– There are tablets, but these are often not very suitable. Often, the patient gets a better effect of a syringe or a gel that is lubricated on the skin. There are also tablets that affect the pituitary gland to make more testosterone. These are the best option for men who want more children, says specialist in general surgery and urology Knut Henning Klem.

Morning is an indicator

The erection process is a complex process, but some secure signs are still on the wrong side.

The doctor’s advice when the potency fails:

– Eat healthier and be more physically active

– Cut out the smoke

– Consult a physician to find any physical causes

Remember that your partner has nothing to say. It’s therefore not a good idea to change a partner if you have a good relationship

Source: Urologist Raymond Mortensen

The most important indicator is the morning exercise, and this indicator can be used throughout your life.

If you have morning reaction, there is no reason to despair. Then you are not impotent.

Little light?

– As a rule, you will gradually notice that the morning reaction is getting worse, but there are also other signs that the potential fails. If the testosterone level is too low, many people will notice that they have a problem with lightning, and premature ejaculation may also be a warning that an erection problem is under development, and says Klem.

Shorter file

Another sign is that the sex drive becomes shorter. Penis may only be stiff halfway in the act – a problem that is more common among older than young men.

– The fact that he will be done quickly, would like to use the man to camoufle that he does not actually keep the act out, “says Klem.

Do you have bread, everything is ok

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Impotence is still quite taboo-based, and Klem says that he has repeatedly been referred patients by the woman’s gynecologist.

Help to get

But there is no reason to suffer in silence, as it is a physiological cause of erection weight, it is possible to get effective and quick help.

– Today there are good tools, says Mortensen. And it also applies to you who struggle for reasons other than low testosterone levels.

More Opportunities

The most commonly used preparations are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, which can help both mental and physical reasons, but there are also other medications that can suit your problem.. These are available as injections, tablets or agents for local treatment.

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Do you have bread, everything is ok

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