Do you carry on a bomb?

Here are three good reasons to buy a new bag: Hepatitis A, ringworm bacteria and salmonella.

Do you carry on a bomb?

Had these bacteria been found in a restaurant kitchen, they had to shut down

The Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen has tested handbags, to see what kind of bacteria we are getting around. The result is shocking.

– No bags in the kitchen

If they had found these bacteria in a restaurant kitchen, they would have had to shut down, says Anders Linder at the Analysis Center in Linköping.

He believes handbags are full of so many dangerous bacteria that one should be careful. For example, you should never put your purse on the kitchen counter.

– Veska does not belong in a kitchen, says Anders Linder to Expressen.

Infected on the bus

Many of the bacteria manage for many hours and can cause stomach ulcer and ulcer infections, he says.

Salmonella, Streptococcus, Mushroom, Food Poisoning, Gastric Flu, Hepatitis A and Ringworm bacteria are just some of the many unhappiness that flourishes in a regular handbag.

How much bacteria it is in your purse depends on how you treat it. The worst thing you do is put it on the ground when you wait for the train. The bus seat, the floor of the toilet, the grass in the park and not least your hands are also infecting the bag of bacteria.

– Replace bag more often

To prevent bacteria from being infected, you can replace the bag more often, and not least:

– Wash your hands! says chief microbiologist Kjell-Olof Hedlund to Expressen.

– And do it often. Especially now in these flu times.

Read more about the findings of Expressen here.

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