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Detention people die of loneliness

Moderate alcohol consumption gives a greater chance of living a long time.

Detention people die of loneliness

Check if you drink too much

Detention people die of loneliness

Red wine good for the teeth

Detention people die of loneliness

– Drink beer rather than soda

Detention people die of loneliness

Good reasons to drink beer

An American study published in the journal Alcoholism – Clinical & Experimental Research shows that a moderate alcohol consumption gives a longer life span.

The study followed more than 1800 Americans aged 55-65 over 20 years and looked at how many died during the period. The subjects in the study were divided according to the alcohol consumption they had when the study took – total consumption, light consumption, moderate consumption or heavy consumption.

The Group of Total Servants was at greatest risk of death, followed by those with heavy alcohol consumption.

– Several studies show the same, but there are various interpretations of such numbers, says alcohol researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Drug Research (Sirus), Sturla Nordlund.

Raises the height of alcoholics

The American study checked that there were a number of former alcoholics, so-called dry-laid, who had already suffered serious alcohol damage when the study took place.

It also verified that in the same group there were a few people who were total retarded due to illness or other serious health conditions – which both prevented them from enjoying alcohol and could cause premature death.

Although women have relatively increased their consumption more than men, men still drink more than twice as much as women.

Moderate alcohol consumption protects

The group with the lowest risk of death during the 20-year period was those with moderate alcohol consumption.

Detention people die of loneliness

CONDITIONS: The group of total households over the age of 55 is at greatest risk of death followed by those with heavy alcohol consumption. Photo: Illustration photo: www. Colourbox. com

– A common interpretation of this is that those with a moderate relationship to alcohol are also moderate in other areas of life, and therefore live safer, says Nordlund.

Thus, it’s not the moderate alcoholic consumption in itself that gives a long life, but the sum of all the moderate alcohol consumers do. Earlier research has shown that moderate alcohol consumption protects against early dementia.

– There may be a possibility that moderate alcohol consumption has a positive effect on health, but there may also be other reasons why this group lives the longest, says Nordlund.

Lonely perpetrators

Researchers interpret the relatively high mortality rate among retrenchments depending on how they live otherwise. The American survey, like other similar surveys, shows that those who do not drink alcohol whatsoever are more often unmarried than those with moderate alcohol consumption. The survey does not say anything about who lives the longest – beyond the 20 years the study includes.

A common interpretation is that many detainees are less social and more lonely, and that loneliness can be related to both the elevated rate of death and the retrenchment of alcohol – often enjoyed in social law.

Friendship protects against early death. It is the loneliness and absence of friends who kill, not the absence of alcohol.

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