Dangerous January lanking

If you eat less, you may be more prone to flu.

Dangerous January lanking

Dangerous January lanking

Slimmer of washing

Dangerous January lanking

Yeah, diet works!

Dangerous January lanking

Are you a plate cleaner?

Dangerous January lanking

Here are the smoothie recipes

January is too many a month where blank sheets and new years are used to a proper diet. However, new research shows that it may not be a good idea to exaggerate the slimming in the flu season.

  • Ask our expert, nutrition biologist Lise von Krogh about dieting, diets, diet and exercise.

Fighting body

American researchers have found that by taking less calories it takes longer to get after a flu. And there is a greater risk of dying from viral infection if you drastically cut your calorie intake.

Our research shows that a body ready to fight a virus will recover faster and will be less affected by the virus, says the author of the research report, Professor Elizabeth Gardner, to BBC.

If the body gets too little calories, the body is not as combatable, according to the professor.

– Wait for slimming

The trials were done on mice, and the mice who received 40 percent less calories than the others did not manage to fight the infection, despite receiving vitamin and mineral supplements.

Researchers recommend waiting for the slimming to the slightly warmer months when the flu does not prevail. This should also apply to those who have taken flu vaccine, according to researchers.

Although the results are interesting, you do not know whether the results obtained on mice can be transmitted to the human body.

Reduce weight otherwise

Dangerous January lanking

SLANK AND PREVENTION: The researchers found that the body is not as resistant to viruses if you have starved. Photo: Crestock

Physician at the 4M clinic, Ingvild Felling Meyer, says that the conclusion sounds logical, but states that not all weight reduction comes by cutting calories alone.

– What we focus on by weight reduction is blood sugar stabilization. This is done by reducing the intake of carbohydrates, and increasing the intake of protein and fat, says Felling Meyer to the click. no.

She says it’s a good way to slim after Christmas, where there has been a large intake of carbohydrates.

– A hard diet where you calorize you, on the other hand, can go beyond the immune system, “says the doctor..

Slimming us most in January

Figures from Grete Roede AS show that many people want to start a new lifestyle in January.

Executive Director of GreteRoede, Lis Pedersen Strøm, believes that it is possible to slim, even in the flu season, but with a sensible reduction in calories.

– It is possible to cut out 500 calories a day without the immune system, “says Pedersen Power to Click.. no.

– But extreme calorie reduction, and one-sided diet is not healthy, she says.

No apology

Lis Pedersen Strøm also adds that by changing the diet, you are probably living healthier, thus strengthening the immune system.

– You choose presumably healthier foods than before and eat more vegetables and fruits.

– So, this is no excuse for not taking food habits and exercise habits now, in a healthy and balanced way, says Lis Pedersen Strøm.

Nutritionist Lise von Krogh recommends a calorie intake of at least 1500-1800 kcal a day.

– How to keep weight, but maintain the immune system, says von Krogh.

Influenza Season

Influenza season is now on its way in Norway, and before Christmas, cases of influenza began to increase.

Read more about this year’s flu season at the website of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

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