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Cuts down on the fat in the milk

Did you know that Tine has cut the fat percentage?

Cuts down on the fat in the milk

Have you noticed that Tine has recently reduced the proportion of fat in low-fat milk and H-milk? But the price of the milk tenner is the same – even though Tine can sell even more butter and get full payment.

Do you think you buy whole milk when you buy Tine H milk? Not any more.

Recently, the fat percentage in Tine’s H milk was reduced from 3.9 percent to 3.5 percent. At the same time, the fat content of Tine’s light milk has decreased from 1.5 to 1.2 per cent.

More butter

The literary price for you as a consumer is the same, and the taste may not be very different either.

But for Tine it means that they get an even bigger fatberg they can make butter and other fat dairy products off.

Pure nutrition, there are very many good reasons to include milk, cheese and other dairy products in your diet.

Tine: – The fat percentage varies

– Tine focuses on quality and wants to ensure that our products keep what they promise. We want to meet consumers’ expectations of getting a brand of the same high quality every time they buy a Tine product. When the milk comes from the cow, the fat percentage will range from about 3.5 percent to over 4 percent. When Tine has standardized the whole milk to 3.5 percent fat, it is based on the same quality requirements as for all other products in our portfolio, “says Linn Heidi Lunde, working category director in Tine.

On the website of the Information Office for Dairy Products, Milk. No, it is stated that milk straight from the cow contains 3.9 percent fat.

Lunde Corporate Director emphasizes that consumers should be confident that the product always tastes the same and that the information they find on our products is consistent with the content.

– Tine has received very few reactions from consumers and the change is done with permission and approval from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, she says.

Q milk: – Do not chew with whole milk

Cuts down on the fat in the milk

This milk type is best for you

The most important competitor of Tine, Q-dairies has long sold low-fat milk with only 1 percent fat.

The whole milk, however, has no plans to change, it contains 3.9 percent fat:

– Consumers have provided us with a clear feedback, both with increased purchases and comments at our monthly web meeting, that there is zero tolerance to “chew with whole milk”. Real Q whole milk is what the consumers want. Therefore, we continue with real whole milk, “said Bent Myrdahl, who mentions himself as a Q-chief, chief executive of Q-dairy.

Sells most light milk

Tine sells approximately 268 million liters of milk annually.

46 percent of this is light milk, 24 percent extra light milk, 15 percent H milk and 11 percent skim milk, according to figures obtained from the analysis agency Nielsen.

– Increase in sales of TineMelk Extra easily shows that consumers demand more milk. TineMelk Lett has long been the most popular of TineMelk products and scores high in taste tests.. When we adjusted the fat content from 1.5 percent to 1.2 percent thorough sensory tests were conducted, which showed that consumers did not notice a difference in taste, says Linn Heidi Lunde in Tine.

And in that way, Tine’s future “buttercrises” may prevent that as we experienced in the fall of 2011, when grocery stores across the country were sold out for butter.

Cuts down on the fat in the milk

In the future, the chicken can get healthier

– The remaining fat becomes – like any other fat left over in the production of lean products – used in more fatty products like cream, cream, butter and cheese, says the category director.

– Milk fat is healthy

Associate Professor Anna Haug with Norway’s Environmental and Biological Sciences University is among those who have long thought that milk fat is not as harmful to health as it is claimed, among other things, by health authorities.

She has been researching milk fat for a number of years.

– There are still results that indicate that milk fat does not lead to poorer health, says Haug, who does not see any reason to shout hurry that Tine has reduced the fat content in the milk.

She believes the milk fat should be frozen, as there is no strong evidence that the intake of milk fat increases the risk of diseases.

Haug is also of the opinion that whole milk for many people is healthier than light milk.

Cuts down on the fat in the milk

– Eating a thick slice of butter for lunch

– I mean sour whole milk is the healthiest edition of milk. Acidification reduces the sugar and creates other positive compounds. Whole milk causes delayed drainage from the stomach compared to light milk, which may affect carbohydrate metabolism and for appetite regulation. In addition, it is absolutely possible that whole milk gives less change in blood sugar and more fatigue compared to low-fat milk, says Anna Haug.

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