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Correct amount can save health

The body is dependent on calcium.

Correct amount can save health

The body is dependent on calcium to build bone tissue and teeth and to get well-functioning muscles and nerve tissue, and since the body can not make calcium itself, you have to add it through food or supplements.

The amount you need depends on age and gender.

Advice raises something, but in Norway the advice is 800-900 mg / day for adults and 670-700 mg / day for children. The World Health Organization recommendations are somewhat lower, and in England and the United States they recommend something more, says Senior Berit Nordstrand.

Normal blood pressure

– In addition to the fact that calcium is important for bone storage and bone structure, it is essential for the fluid between the cells. Here, calcium transmits messages from the nerves to the muscles, and the muscle cells must also have calcium available to retrieve, “says nutritionist Gunn Helene Arsky.

Finally, calcium also plays a role in maintaining normal blood pressure and it can bind fat thereby helping to control calorie intake in the body.

Advice when taking calcium supplements

  • Get the most out of food and supplement only with what’s left to reach the amount of calcium you should have every day.
  • Take calcium supplements with food so that it does not flow into the bloodstream alone.
  • Take smaller amounts at a time – for example, 250 mg for a meal and not more than 500 mg.
  • Make sure you get enough vitamin D and do some strength exercises to build a strong skeleton
  • Keep calcium supplements away from iron-rich meals to ensure optimum iron absorption

Source: Senior doctor Berit Nordstrand

Correct amount can save health

Two vitamin C supplements stand out

Can develop bone dysfunction

The skeleton acts as a calcium layer for the body. If you eat a little calcium, calcium is drawn from the skeleton into the bloodstream.

– The less calcium you eat, the brighter becomes the skeleton. If it goes too far, you can develop bone loss, says Arsky.

In addition, according to Nordstrand, it is important to move.

– The load on the skeleton builds calcium into bone, she says, adding:

– One of the hazards of being astronaut is actually that without the influence of gravity, you have no load on the skeleton.

Cardiovascular disease of grants

Nordstrand is nevertheless careful about recommending calcium supplements.

It is not necessarily completely free to cover the daily calcium requirement through grants. The first bid is to get enough calcium through the diet, as subsidies can actually lead to health problems.

– Many who do not think they get enough calcium through the diet, choose to take grants. For a long time, calcium supplements were thought to be almost harmless and had few side effects, but in May this year there was a study pointing to possible relationships between unnaturally high calcium tops in the blood, by taking large doses of calcium supplements, and some danger of developing cardiovascular and disease, she says.

About 24. 000 German men and women were followed for an 11-year period, and the results showed that those who had calcium supplements had an 86% higher likelihood of heart attack.

Multiple health issues

“Those who received calcium through high intake of calcium-rich foods, on the other hand, had a lower risk of cardiac insufficiency,” says Nordstrand.

Good calcium source

  • Dairy products like yogurt, white and yellow cheeses, milk, sour milk. A tablespoon torn parmesan cheese gives you 10% of the calcium you need every day and yellow cheese slices (approx.. 30g) on ​​the bread slice can cover approx. 20%.
  • Nuts and seeds. Sesame seeds have about as much calcium as parmesan cheese, but you should chop them in order to absorb nutrition otherwise they go through the system and only benefit as fiber. Sprinkle a tablespoon crushed sesame seeds over salads or dinner dishes for delicious taste and nutrition.
  • Tofu
  • Green leafy vegetables. (100g spinach = approx. 5% daily requirement for calcium, so here needed a little larger amount)
  • Small fish eaten including bones, such as anchovies and sardines

Source: Senior doctor Berit Nordstrand

Correct amount can save health

– There is no need to take tran

She adds that there are also other studies that raise concerns about calcium supplements.

Then with a possible link to increased risk of prostate cancer and kidney stones.

It may seem that the body is unable to handle more than about 500 mg of calcium at a time, and therefore it may be smart to spread the calcium intake over multiple doses.

Divide the dose

– Previously, the calcium tablets were in 500 mg strength, but today they are available as single dose 1000 mg tablets. This to make the dosage easier for people. However, it may be better for the body to split up multiple doses even if it becomes inconvenient, “says Nordstrand.

– Also, be aware that calcium prevents our absorption of iron which is also very important to the body. Most calcium is therefore not a goal, because there is a lot to be kept in balance, she says.

Unusual poisoning

Gunn Helene Arsky says that today there are legal forms of calcium on the market and there are many products to choose from.

– If you do not use other supplements containing vitamin D, it’s smart to choose a calcium supplement that also contains vitamin D. Based on what other needs you have, you can also consider using calcium with magnesium or vitamin K, “she says.

She says that poisoning due to calcium supplements is unusual, but repeating daily doses up to 3000 mg can lead to calcium being derived in the soft tissue.

– This is called hypercalcaemia and is very unfortunate, says Arsky.

Choose calcium rich foods

According to Nordstrand, it is clearly futile to eat to get the most calcium through the diet.

Dairy products are well known and good calcium sources, but you also get calcium through green leafy vegetables and nuts.

Correct amount can save health

How to get good digestion

Correct amount can save health

Therefore, the vegetables grow healthier with some oil

– Supplements some extra yellow cheese slices, an extra tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese, a little grated sesame seeds over dinner or a large portion of spinach if you are afraid to get you too little. If that still is not enough, you should figure out how much you are missing and take a supplement to this. You’ve got more calcium through delicious flavors and can handle 250-500 mg in pill form, “she says..


We have purchased three different calcium supplements with varying extras. One is purchased in the grocery store, one in the pharmacy and one on health costs.

Because everyone contains the same type of calcium, the winner becomes the product with the highest calcium content for the lowest price. But it’s up to you to choose, whether you want vitamin K or zinc in addition to the calcium.


Triple KalMag

Weifa Calcium

Bio-Calcium + D3 + K

Correct amount can save health

KALSIUM SCREEN: From left triple KalMag (Biopharma AS), Weifa Calcium (Weifa AS) and Bio-Calcium + D3 + K (Pharma Nord). Photo: Petter Berg, HM Photo

sales exhibition of:

Daily Item




Biopharma AS

Weifa AS

Pharma Nord


Magnesium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, oligofructose, thickener, zinc oxide, anti-lump agent, thickeners, copper sulfate, kolecalsiferol

Calcium carbonate, phyllokinone, kolecalsiferol, modified starch, filler, tablet aids

Phytomenadion, Colecalsiferol, Calcium Carbonate, Sweeteners, Antifungal agents, Surface Treatment Agent, Taste Amplifier

Amount and type of active substance per. daily dose:

400 mg magnesium, 200 mg calcium (minimum allowable amount), 10 mg zinc, 1 mg copper, 10 microgram vitamin D (maximum allowable amount)

1000 mg of calcium, 200 micrograms of vitamin K (maximum allowable amount), 10 micrograms of vitamin D (maximum allowable amount)

70 micrograms of vitamin K, 10 micrograms of vitamin D (maximum allowable amount), 1000 mg of calcium

This is on the label:

For bone building, for skeleton, good for muscles. Added fructooligosaccharides for increased bio-absorption.

Calcium supplement with vitamins. Milk products are the most important source of calcium in our diet. Over the past few decades, the consumption of dairy products has been greatly reduced, so it may be important to supplement with calcium supplements.

Can strengthen the teeth and leg building. Vitamin D3 increases the absorption of calcium. High-dose calcium preparation with 500 mg calcium and vitamin D3 and K.

Number of daily doses:

Contains 120 tablets, two a day

Contains 80 tablets, maximum dose is four a day

Contains 60 tablets, two a day



swallow tablets

Chewing or swallowing tablets

Price per package:

kr 99

$ 99.90

kr 99

Price per. Today:

$ 1.65

$ 4.99

$ 3.30


Low calcium content and below the maximum permitted amount of other minerals, but these tablets contain a lot of vitamin D without clearly appearing on the label’s front. This supplement should not be taken with other supplements containing vitamin D! It’s too bad there’s so little calcium in a product that suggests being good for the skeleton. Cheapest daily dose, but at least calcium.

Another product that combines calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K, thus excluding the use of, for example, vitamin D multivitamin preparations. Daily doses for children are also indicated (1-2 tablets). It is positive that caution is advised against the use of the product for people using warfarin (Marevan). Vitamin K can interfere with the treatment. The most expensive daily dose in the test, but also the product that can be divided into smaller amounts when needed.

These tablets are called high-dose calcium supplements, but the amount of calcium is only 2/3 of the maximum that can be added in a dietary supplement per. day. On the other hand, the vitamin D amount is elevated so you should not use this product with other supplements containing vitamin D. Exciting that vitamin K is added. It is important to build calcium into the skeleton. Nest cheapest daily dose, but equally high calcium content as the most expensive product. This ensures victory.

Bio Calcium is the nutritionist‘s nutritionist’s favorite.

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