On average in this test.


In short:

+ Easy to get

+ Good Slide

< strong

Rossignol describes Cobra as a “good training ski for active runners”. It has the LDC Premium Trekers, which will provide a lightweight ski with optimal power transmission. It has the K7000 racing needle and the same wrap as top racing skiing.

Rossignol Cobra is rated 5 for party and 4 in the other criteria.

Cobra has made a good impression on our testers and ends with 4.3 in average points.

Tester’s Summary:

Øyvind Olstad: – A good trip / training ski. Easy to get on and surprisingly good to go on. Great skiing for the money.

Geir Change Rogn: – A great alternative as training ski. Rossignol has made smart adjustments for this ski to be more easy than racing skiing. The skis are easy to attach and glide relatively well. But it is easier to step down than a racing ski and it goes a little over the glide.

Eivin Rundberg: A surprisingly good workout. Feels a bit heavy and easy before you take it on, but you get a good skiing experience with this ski.


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