Choose the right fast food

Sushi or salad? Hamburger or sausages? See what’s healthiest.

Choose the right fast food

Choose the right fast food

Try the Fedon 14-day menu

Choose the right fast food

– Men are better off slimming

Choose the right fast food

3kg easier in one week

Choose the right fast food

Check if you get enough protein

In today’s hustle and bustle, there are more and more of us who grab lightweight solutions in the food path, whether we are on a trip or have too much to do to make proper meals.

Are these new eating habits a threat to our health?

Seeking healthy alternatives

It turns out that a good part of us who need a meal on the go, like to go somewhere else than the petrol station or burger jumping on the corner because we want something healthier.

In a recent report from the Norwegian Institute for Consumer Research, SIFO, the trend is clear: there is a growing need for healthy alternatives in the fast food segment.

Gas stations and other places to shop for fast food can attract more new customers by serving something healthy and green in addition to what they already serve..

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This fast food, as it requires several years of education to make perfect, is the health itself! But what we call sushi accommodates several different types of Japanese goodies.

Sashimi Perhaps the most healthy choice, it’s simply raw pieces of fish or shellfish. Lots of proteins, healthy fats and low carbohydrates.

Maki is rolls of fish, shellfish, avocado, cucumber or other, wrapped in sushi rice and a thin layer of seaweed.

Nigiri sushi is a piece of fish or shellfish drained over sushiris. A healthy sushi meal therefore contains both sashimi and sushi or maki and as much as you want from pickled ginger and wasabipasta. But beware, these two garnishes are hot!

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Flat beef beef steak is perfectly ok. If it is made of meat dough, you can expect more fat, so choose carefully.

Ask for salad next to fries.

It’s also allowed to request less dressing and you can ask for a light dressing.


The hamburger is basically carbonate in bread, so what can really go wrong here? Much!

Choose the right fast food

SUSHI: A healthy sushi meal contains both sashimi and nigiri or maki. Photo: colorbox. com

Choose the right fast food

HAMBURGER: Choose a burger of carbonate dough, not meat dough. Photo: Colorbox. com

Choose the right fast food

SALAT: A healthy alternative in stores and at gas stations. Photo: Colorbox. com

Did you know, for example, that many hamburger bread is not just like loff, but actually reminds me of buns? They contain lots of sugar. Choose roughly if you can.

Ask for extra salad, and stand over the cheese and part of the dressing. The hamburger itself is usually made of carbonate dough, but in some places it is meat dough that applies. Choose either chicken or fishburger!

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Pasta Salad

In pasta salad, there is a lot more pasta than vegetables and / or meat, so you get saturated in an unbalanced manner. The few also contain fiber or whole grain pasta, it is only about fast energy in large quantities.

You can not do much with a ready-made pasta salad in a box, so to balance, you can for example eat a Skyr for dessert (kesambasert snack served in the dairy shop).

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Complete salads

These healthy options are found in the refrigerator in both stores and at gas stations.

Complete salads contain vegetables, meat / fish, pasta / noodles / croutons and dressing – a complete healthy meal. The fewest are delivered unfortunately with fiber paste or coarse croutons.

Dressing is often the most calorie in the whole salad meal, so use it in a way.


These are smart to eat on the go, and there is a whole lot to choose from. Go for those with chicken, fish or pure meat, and that contains lots of vegetables. Some pre-packaged wraps are even coarse, and if you make it made for you, just ask for it right away.


The usual barbecue sausages you can buy at the store are often like dwarves compared to those you get at the fast food restaurant. Many sausages are packed with extra saturated fat in the form of cheese or bacon. Instead, choose sausages with extra onion or chili or go for chicken sausages if there are.

Choose lump rather than bread, saving you calories and blood sugar increase (see hamburger bread info above).

Choose the right fast food

PLEASE: Select lump rather than bread. Raspberry onion is a crazy caloribombe. Photo: Colorbox. com

Ketchup and mustard are quite ok, raw onion, as well as crispy onion is a crazy calorie bomb. The recalculation should also be over whether the sausage meal will be a little healthier.

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Packed lunches and sandwiches

If you do not want to brush your own food package, OlaPakka, triangular sandwiches and the like can be smart and healthy choices. Many are supplied with coarse bread, which is good.

Choose packages where you get fish and cold cuts of the cleaner variety, not hot dogs, brown cheese etc..

Someone comes with more vegetables too, so take the time to choose right!


Choose the right fast food

SANDWICH: OlaPakka, triangular sandwiches and the like can be smart and healthy choices. Photo: Colorbox. com

There are a lot of different kebabs, but the most common is the so-called kebabs, where fried meat is cut by a rotating vertical spoon that slowly rotates around a grill.

Lamb or beef are the most common meatballs, usually spattered with some meat dough in layers between the pure meat. Kebab is served in pita bread with vegetables and sauce.

The sauce is often very fat. Kebab is unfortunately no healthy alternative in the fast food segment in Norway, although in Turkey you can get the right looking copies.

The pita bread is usually fine, but asks roughly.

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Choose the right fast food

KEBAB: The sauce is often very fat and makes the street kitchen variant of this dish a little healthy. Photo: Colorbox. com


Baked, deep-fried meat and vegetables that are often full of low-quality fat. This Asian dish should preferably pass!

Ciabatta / focaccia

Italian, tasty bread, which occasionally comes in rough form. Then choose it! And go for chicken, tuna, ham or fresh mozzarella fillet in front of salami, recalcitrile etc.

Feel free to add extra vegetables if you make it ready for you.

Often it may keep eating only the bottom of the bread, for example, if you only want a small lunch or a snack.

Luna / calzone

Lots of fine dough filled with a little tomato sauce, cheese and salami – not very healthy, in other words. Choose something else!

Nut bags

Choose the right fast food

FOCACCIA: Choose chicken, ham or mozzarella rather than salami, next time you eat calzone, focaccia, ciabatta or the like. Photo: colorbox. com

Smart little snack or dessert on the go. But a bag is enough.

This is a lot of calories on a small volume! Remember to choose those that are salty, and please include some dried fruit too.


Pre-cooked noodles in sauce get 7 Juvenile, Deli de Luca and similar places. Most noodles are unfortunately bad choices, because they usually contain trans fat or saturated fat in the noodle itself.. Shrinking circumstances are that the dishes usually contain some vegetables, but in turn, the sauce is quite fat. Choose something else!

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Choose the right fast food

A Nut: Can Nuts Prevent Cancer? Photo: Colorbox. com

Tired of chewing? Drink a snack in the form of smoothie, which is simply fruit and berries that are run in blender until it’s smooth – smooth.

Some contain yogurt, which makes them more saturated.

Dismantle those that are added to sugar, dye or other remarkable. Clean smoothie is healthy and a fresh pleasure.

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Fruit salad

This is the very best snack or dessert you can choose, either alone or after a fast-food meal. Finished cut, with fork – supersunt!

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Choose the right fast food

SMOOTHIE: Smoothies containing yogurt saturate more. Photo: Colorbox. com

Unhealthy veimat gets pepper

Milk and juice can make you fat

Fruits are not dietary

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