Chlamydia tests can be done on their own

How to test for chlamydia

Chlamydia tests can be done on their own

Chlamydia Treatment

Chlamydia is treated with antibiotics.

Professor Finn Egil Skjeldestad recommends the following:

Doccycline 100 mg x 2 for 7 days


Doksycycline 200 mg x1 for 7 days


Azithromycin 1 g as a single dose. Azithromycin should be avoided because it is resistant to resistance.

Some may experience side effects such as nausea or loose stomach with murmurs in the gastrointestinal tract. Other side effects are more rare.

– Most women have no symptoms. Men have more and more symptoms.

Find Egil Skjeldestad, professor at UIT Norway’s Arctic University, talks about chlamydia, the genital disease spread rapidly and, at worst, can lead to sterility.

According to Skjeldestad, chlamydia occurs most frequently in people under 25, the most vulnerable age group is between 18-22 years when many have more frequent partner changes.

– Chlamydia is detected more frequently in girls because they are testing more often, the professor says to Click Health.

Infected without knowing it

Skjeldestad leads a comprehensive study, which is a collaboration between UIT, University of Northern Norway, Norway’s University of Science and Technology and St. Olavs Hospital.

Together, researchers will study what people with proven chlamydia do; do they pick up a prescription? Do they treat themselves? Will they return to follow-up after six weeks, as recommended? What does your post-check show?

– It is 10 years since a similar study was made in Norway, Skjeldestad has stated in a recent article from UIT.

All chlamydia diets are registered in the laboratories’ IT system. This system can be linked to the Prescription Register, and the researchers can thus see if those who have been diagnosed with chlamydia pick up a prescription and if they get a new chlamydia test.

Most people who are infected with chlamydia get no symptoms. This causes many to be infected without knowing it and that they can infect others.

If you get a complaint, you should notice these at least 1-2 weeks after the time of infection, but the complaints may also occur later. It is therefore not always easy to know who can be the source of infection based on when the plagues started, according to the study.

Symptoms of chlamydia

Hilde Kløvstad, Department Director of the Department of Tuberculosis, Blood and Sexual Infection at the Institute of Public Health, states that as many as 60-80 percent of women and men who are infected do not notice any symptoms if they are infected.

Chlamydia tests can be done on their own

So often you should go to gynecologist

– But if it occurs between the bleeding and pain in the abdomen, a lot of water loss or altered discharge, this is often clear symptoms of chlamydia.

Shield city extends:

– In women, changes in the flow pattern, some more outflow, occasionally blood clot, are the most frequent symptoms of chlamydia. Slight bleeding after intercourse may also be an early symptom of cervical infection. If you feel more murmur or tenderness in the abdomen, the infection may have spread to the fallopian tubes, says the professor.

In men, discharge from the urethra is also the most frequent symptom along with mild sores during water drainage, he continues.

The body can fix itself

When you do not notice symptoms of having chlamydia, most people probably will not feel a need to test at a doctor or healthcare center.

But what can actually happen to your body if you have chlamydia without treatment?

– We really know too little about it, but bacteria can lead to an infection into the abdomen so women get infections in the uterus or fallopian tubes, which in turn can cause problems with getting pregnant. However, the risk is not known, says Kløvstad.

In terms of men, according to Kløvstad, they can get infections in the piece of the piece, but here too you are uncertain whether it can lead to male infertility.

Nevertheless; If you do not get any treatment for the sexually transmitted disease, your body can actually fix it yourself:

– The natural course of untreated chlamydia infection is that the body’s immune system strikes the infection back in a year, says Skjeldestad.

However, there are a few who do not have adequate immune systems and thus receive ascending infection to the uterus and ovary, according to the professor.

– These are those that can become sterile of an infection with no or vague symptoms, he says.

People who do not have an immune system who are able to fight the infection can be carriers for a long time, thus infecting others, Skeldestad emphasizes.

– Therefore, it will always be an advantage to be discovered early. On the other hand, you may not know when you were infected if you have had several partners since the last time you were tested, “he said..

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Kløvstad recommends young people who are sexually active beyond a fixed relationship to check for sexually transmitted diseases at each partner change.

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Chlamydia tests can be done on their own

It goes over by itself, but it can take up to two years

– We know that young women in the age group 20-25 years are the best to test. Men of the same age group or younger are not as good at all. I think that one of the reasons is that they are quitting for the test, nor will they think about this, “she said..

Kløvstad will therefore emphasize that a chlamydia test is completely harmless and something that can easily be done by taking a urine sample at the doctor or at the health center.

– The most important thing is that young women and men will be tested, if it happens at a doctor or health clinic is not crucial as long as urine-based tests are taking place or that you take the test yourself, says Skjeldestad.

FHI informs you that you can also order clamydia tests online from the GP and health clinic to take home tests. It is free to test and any treatment is also free.

If you order clamidietest online, you will receive test equipment and then submit the sample. Women take a sample of the vagina and men take a urine test.

You can order free chlamydia test at Oslo University Hospital here.

You can order free chlamydia test at Helse Bergen here.

There are also several other websites you can order clamydia tests from, among other things, Klamydiatester. no boots. no, shytobuy. no or home diagnostics. no, but on such websites you must pay to receive the test.

– Do not think they need to check

Bente Tree, Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo, researches, among other things, on sexual habits.

She clearly believes that Norwegian youth is not good enough to check for sexually transmitted diseases.

– They do not think they need it because they do not think they can fall for someone who has something so “dirty” or “immoral” like sexually transmitted diseases. And then they trust that the partner unanswered will tell about any sexually transmitted diseases, says the tree.

If you change sexual relations frequently, you are obviously prone to being infected and infecting others.

Kløvstad also believes that young people are not good enough to use condoms, as is also reported in the Public Health Institute’s report on chlamydia from 2015.

– Why many do not use condoms, I think is compounded. Young people largely know and can talk about sexually transmitted diseases, it’s not about lack of knowledge, she says.

Kløvstad also believes that it is more about the fact that many people are afraid of destroying the mood at the moment, that it can signal the mistrust of the partner to have sex with, or to underestimate the risk of infection.

But the most important thing is to use a condom because it is better to prevent disease than to treat a disease afterwards, “she says..

The tree agrees and encourages young people to show responsibility:

– Test yourself if you have had unprotected sex and order free condoms over the web for the next time, she tips.

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