Check if you have low metabolism

Tired, unplanned and gain weight? Check if you have low metabolism.

Check if you have low metabolism

Check if you have low metabolism

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Check if you have low metabolism

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Check if you have low metabolism

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Do you walk around and freeze and are depleted? Do you sleep a lot and gain weight? Do you lose hair?

You may therefore have a low metabolic rate due to a lack of thyroid hormone thyroxine.

The hormone is formed in the thyroid gland in healthy individuals, regulating the cell’s uptake of nutrients and the secretion of waste.

If you have too little of this hormone, everything in your body will go slower.

Difficult diagnosis

The diagnosis may be difficult if you have low metabolism because the early symptoms resemble many other conditions.

It can easily be confused with the symptoms of depression, ME, heart disease and cancer. A simple blood test can reveal whether low metabolism is the problem.

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– If you go to the doctor with some unspecific symptoms, you should ask the doctor to check the thyroid tests in addition to the other tests the doctor takes, recommends a sectional surgeon at the endocrinological department at Oslo University Hospital, Ingrid Norheim.

One in ten

About ten percent of Norwegian women and five percent of Norwegian men have low metabolism or latent low metabolism, according to the HUNT study, the major health survey in Nord-Trøndelag.

Low metabolism – or hypothyroidism – is the most common thyroid disease.

Early Symptoms

Check if you have low metabolism

SOVER: If you sleep a lot, lose weight or feel depressed, you may have low metabolism. Your doctor can find the answer for you. Photo: Illustration photo: www. Colourbox. com


A struma means that thyroid gland is enlarged. Clear signs are one and / or more lumps on the throat.

Struma can occur both in high and low metabolism. It may also be enlarged by other conditions, including by benign tumors.

The health survey in Nord-Trøndelag (HUNT) has shown that 2.9 percent of Norwegian women and 0.4 percent of Norwegian men have struma.

Source: nhi. no

Request a check of metabolism if you have any of these early symptoms:

1. Fatigue

2. Depression

3. Weight gain / fluid in the body

4. Dry skin

5. Hair Loss

6. The feeling of not being in shape

7. Freezing easily

Classical Symptoms

Eventually, the symptoms will develop something and become more clear:



Bad appetite


Impaired sweating

Swelling of hands and face, especially around the eyes

Lack of action


Symptoms of advanced disease

Untreated, the low metabolism may also lead to:

Thin hair

Eyebrow depletion

Ink, cold, dry and dense skin

Slow movements

Slow speech and thought activity

Slow heart rate

Slow Reflexes


– At low metabolism, we see that everything hurts down, explains Norheim.


The good news for anyone diagnosed with hypothyroidism or low metabolism is that the symptoms may be muted or at best be completely eliminated with treatment.

High metabolism


Fast Pulse


Increased heat production and sweat, especially by exertion

Increased appetite

Weight loss

Shackle on the hands


Muscle weakness

Unrest in the body

Nervousness and mood swings



Outstanding Eyes


Occurs most often in the 20-40s. But also younger and older can get it. May be confused with ADHD in adolescents.

According to the health survey in Nord-Trøndelag (HUNT), 2.5 per cent of Norwegian women have been affected, and 0.6 per cent of Norwegian men.


Can be diagnosed by blood test.


Drugs that inhibit the production of metabolic hormones.

Source: metabolism. org

The treatment consists of adding artificial thyroxine. It may take a few months, and in some cases, to find the right dose of thyroxine.

But when the dose is correct, most of the symptoms will disappear.

And the earlier the diagnosis gets set, the greater is the chance of becoming symptom free.

Autoimmune disease

Most people who get low metabolism in Norway are affected by an autoimmune disease that leads to a slow inflammation of the thyroid gland, autoimmune thyroiditis.

The disease can also occur due to iodine deficiency.

This is much more common in the third world, but iodine deficiency is an increasing problem also here in the country, according to chief physician Norheim. Iodine we get here in the country mainly from milk and dairy products and seafood.

– If you have a normal healthy diet, you will get enough iodine. But pregnant women who do not drink milk should take iodine supplements in the form of a mulitvitamin tablet a day, Norheim recommends.

Young Girls

Studies have shown that children and adults get enough iodine while older children and young people, especially young women, get too little iodine.

Also, people who are in the thyroid gland, for example, for cancer, must receive artificial thyroxine.

Can hit all

The disease can affect all age groups. A few children in Norway are born every year with low metabolism. These are detected by the screening of newborns. Untreated, these children will receive cretinism, which means delayed development or mental retardation and growth retardation.

Children and adolescents can also be affected. They will then be relaxed, unemployed and unconcentrated.

– The peak is in the 40’s and 50’s. But a fair amount of women also experience low metabolism after pregnancy, says Norheim. She therefore advises new-born mothers who feel very tired and exhausted of checking this at their doctor’s.

Just nerves

Many women spend a long time getting the right diagnosis at low metabolism, says leader of the Norwegian Thyroid Association, Kristin Kvalsnes.

– Many who contact us tell them to be killed by the fact that they are just nerves or that they need to find a hobby or start exercising, she says.

– But if you know with yourself that you live about like before, and yet you are much tired and tired, do not give yourself until the doctor has checked it out. It’s just a blood test if the problem is low metabolism, “says Kvalsnes.


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