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Check if you drink too much

According to American researchers, some more genetic resources are available to develop alcohol problems than others.

Check if you drink too much

Dagbladet. No recently wrote that researchers have identified a gene that determines how quickly you get drunk and that this can open the possibility of a drug against alcoholism.

– Alcoholism is a complex disease, and the reasons people drink is complicated, says one of the investigators according to the newspaper.

According to Rust 08588, there is a way to test if you or someone you know are alcohol users on.

There is addiction if at least three of the following seven symptoms have been present in the last 12 months:

  • Increase in tolerance, you must drink more to get drunk.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms.
  • The person consumes more than he / she had thought.
  • The person has a persistent desire to quit and has made several unsuccessful attempts.
  • The person uses a lot of his time for substance abuse and drug-related activities.
  • Consumption has led to the person having provided important social, occupational or leisure-related activities.
  • The use continues despite the person recognizing significant bodily and mental harm.

Fill in the worst

Check if you drink too much

FILL: Alcohol damage is not as extensive as the damage to fill. Photo: Illusion Photo: Scanpix

Psychiatrist Hans Olav Fekjær believes most harmful effects of alcohol are due to filling, not prolonged drinking.

Check if you drink too much

Test yourself: Do you have an alcohol problem?

There are more fatal accidents than alcohol diseases.

– The society is nodding to realize that the most important risk factor is filling and not prolonged drinking. It is unpopular because it is so confident to think that the damage is caused by a particular balubastam of divergent beverages, so one can drink free without danger, no matter what. The most common thing, however, is something else, namely reckless rushing that goes beyond the drinker himself, says Fekjær.


Prevention of alcohol problems has in Norway mostly been about attitude campaigns among young people, high alcohol prices through taxes and ban on alcohol advertising.

This has also been the traditional attitude in the United States, where AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) was founded by, among others, Bill Wilson, one who reached the bottom because of alcohol problems and found total dripping as the only way out of the problems.

Now, American doctors and therapists have seen that it’s important to attack alcohol problems at an earlier stage, for example by going through their alcohol habits along with the regular doctor.

Many who drink too much, even think they are not at risk.

Check if you drink too much

Does it agree that wine and beer are curling?

An extensive survey of 43. 000 adult Americans, conducted by NIAAA in 2001-2005, showed that as many as 30 percent of Americans had alcohol-related disorders, but 70 percent of them had dropped their alcohol consumption by themselves, within four years.

Avoid temporary alcohol problems

Only 1 percent of the participants matched the traditional description of alcoholics who have only one way out of the abuse, namely full dripping.

The researchers concluded that even severe alcohol problems are complex and can be temporary without causing persistent addiction.

These are the temporary alcohol problems they will be alive and, according to the LA Times, these features are characteristic of people at risk:

  • Make the debut age. Especially those under 15 when they started drinking alcohol are at risk of developing alcohol problems.
  • Blush Effect. A genetic mutation called ALDH2 causes some people to “blush” when they drink alcohol. This mutation also affects alcohol metabolism and increases the risk of alcoholism. At the same time, “reddish” means that more of them choose not to drink, just because of the reddish color they receive.
  • High tolerance, low sensitivity. Five different genes can be linked to the so-called ability to “drink everyone else under the table”, and estimated that children of alcoholics have these genes in 40 percent of the cases.
  • Tobacco addiction and emotional or mental problems increase the chances of alcohol problems.
  • In addition, research shows that people who have the likelihood of sweets are more likely to have alcohol problems than others and that children of alcoholic fathers dislike the taste of salt and sour more often than others.

Check if you drink too much

Do not eat at all this day then

Fekjær is skeptical about the value of these points.

– I do not know who has written a list in the LA Times, but I consider it rather hesitant. The redding that comes easier with the genetic deviation does not make them fuller. The redness is due to accumulation of the metabolite acetaldehyde. The studies I have seen indicate that these people drink less and less often than others. Tobacco and sweets are not relevant, Fekjær writes in an email to click. no.

What is too much alcohol?

According to the National Health Plan 2007-2010, the Norwegian Institute for Drugs Research estimates that 30. 000 people can have a treatment-threatening alcohol problem in Norway.

The American study showed that 28 percent of Americans drink more than the limit for low risk.

In the United States, this is considered to be four drinks (possibly glass of wine, half-liter beer etc) on a given day, or a total of 14 drinks a week for men and three per day or seven per week for women.

We drank in Norway in 2007 average per person 6.60 liters of pure alcohol, which equals 1.8 cl daily, and according to Fekjær, the risk of disease is tripled if you drink 4cl daily.

– It is 50 times higher with a daily intake of 15 cl alcohol, says Fekjær.

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Check if you drink too much

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Helseeksikon: Alcohol and alcoholism

Check if you drink too much

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Source: The article is translated from Apple M, ed. The Times Complete Family Health. Hamlyn; 2001 and processed for Norwegian conditions.

Alcohol and Alcoholism

Alcoholism means uncontrollable drinking that takes over other activities in existence.


Even in small amounts, alcohol acts on the brain’s most advanced functions: thoughts, feelings and social retardations. The shy is getting more outgoing, the anxious linger better and the one who is not usually spoken in speech can be just as talkative and eloquent.

The more a drinker, the more the alcohol calms the brain, which also means that we often react differently from what we otherwise do: a slightly sharp comment can be perceived as an insult, we no longer care about the so-called unwritten rules for social gathering – while we actually think we have full overview and control. Drinking a large amount of alcohol risks losing control of the muscles, speech organs, and concentration. In the worst case, a high alcohol intake can cause a loss of consciousness.


Intake of alcohol causes the blood vessels to expel, which in turn causes red face color and heat loss.

Alcoholism is coarse, meaning alcohol dependence. An alcoholic begins to drink already in the morning and continues to drink large amounts of alcohol throughout the day. Alcohol problems often cause worries and problems for the environment, not least family and workplace.

Persistent alcohol abuse is often associated with poor eating habits. As the energy derived from alcohol intake is appetite-inhibiting, alcoholics often lack both proteins and vitamins. The deficit may cause symptoms as permanent stinging times and tingling in the fingers. Alcoholism increases the risk of heart disease as alcohol acts directly on the heart muscle. Over time, alcoholism causes weakness and memory loss, and in some cases epileptic seizures.

Alcoholics also have a pronounced risk of developing acute pancreatitis (acute pancreatitis), a painful pancreas inflammation that causes pain in the stomach region and diabetes. Many alcohol addicts also develop cirrhosis, which means that the liver becomes hard and ineffective, one gets jaundice and easily gets bruised. Cirrhosis can also cause potentially life-threatening bleeding from the esophagus, since a large amount of alcohol intake over time may cause the veins to enlarge.

In addition to the fact that alcohol abuse is detrimental to the individual’s constitution, abuse is also the backdrop of many criminal and / or violent acts and accidents, including traffic accidents.


The first bid is that the person who drinks more than good accepts and accepts that he / she has an alcohol problem. Many manage to steer clear of an early alcoholism by making them aware of how alcohol is damaging their body and getting guidelines in terms of what is considered to be an acceptable alcohol intake. People with severe alcohol problems often need professional help to get motivation to take control of the problem. In some cases, medicines are prescribed to help a rapid downtrapping. Any medication (detoxification: detoxification) may take place in close cooperation with a doctor.



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