Check for signs of osteoporosis

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Check for signs of osteoporosis

How deliberate are you for osteoporosis?

– Have you had a breach of almost no external impact?

– Are you a woman over 50 years old?

– Has a mother or father had osteoporosis?

– Have you had early menopause (before 45 years) or removed the ovaries early?

– Have you lost height?

– Have you been treated with corticosteroids (prednisolon) for extended periods?

– Have you had eating disorders?

– Have you practiced extremely hard and often and in times the menstruation lost?

– Have you had high consumption of cigarettes and alcohol?

The more questions you answer yes, the higher the chance you are at risk of developing osteoporosis / have osteoporosis.

(Source: Norwegian Osteoporosis Association)

Every other Norwegian woman over 72 years develops bone loss.

Leg mass loss is 100 percent quiet. Most people have no symptoms before they begin to break their wrist and thighs, or sink into the backrest. Then they are often well up in the years. Only then does many take its first leg mass measurement.

In many cases, it would be a good idea to take it long before.

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A porous country

Benchiness is due to bone tissue decomposition. Every other woman and every fifth man risk an osteoporotic fracture during life.

– You do not die of osteoporosis, but if you sleep, you may die of blood clots or other complications, “says Stein Aspeli, radiographer and general manager at Volvat Medical Center at Hamar..

According to the Norwegian Osteoporosis Association, there are five times as many bone fractures today as it was in 1960. Every 30th. minute breaks a hip or wrist in Norway, and there are more women who die of the consequences of throat neck than breast cancer.

Screening is the answer

There are a number of surveys you can do to test your health. Screening reveals quickly if you belong to half of us who have or will have osteoporosis, osteoporosis. The sooner it is discovered, the better.

– I have never thought that osteoporosis would concern me. Therefore, I have never considered screening of the leg mass, “says Anne-Karin (70).

She will check her leg status and get a prognosis at Curato X-ray in Bergen.


One thing the experts agree on: Osteoporosis acts very much about legacy and genes. If many of your grandmothers have broken a lot of bones, there may be signs of bone loss in the genes.

Anne-Karin Høydal has her old aunt Margit fresh in memory.

– She was wearing great pain throughout her old age. Today, I understand that the pain may be due to aching muscles and skeletal disorders and late onset of bone fractures, she says.

– Already in her 60’s, she began to break her legs. First she broke her wrist, then her ankle, her thigh and thighs, remembers Anne-Karin.

At the end of her life she was a thin, small sparrow with skeletons like salt rods. The same was true of the sister of Aunt Margit. After repeated shortcomings in her back and thighbone, she ended up as a crooked and old lady.

– Now I have recently learned that a cousin of mine has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. She’s still only in the 50’s, says Anne-Karin Høydal.

Skeleton in development

– Everyone will lose bone mass over the years. The question is only to what extent, says Glenn Haugeberg, Professor and Osteoporosis Specialist at Sørlandet Hospital.

He tells us that our skeleton is not a static matter, but a living mass like the rest of the body. It consists of proteins and calcium phosphate which is in an eternal build-up and degradation process.

Our skeleton status is at the top of the 30’s. Then the decomposition slowly begins, but surely to go faster than the structure. But it is only after menopause that the process shoots speedily. It is from now on that we risk becoming vulnerable, “he says.

Anne-Karin came into menopause when she was in the early 50’s and used estrogen for a 10-year period. It may have been a plus for today’s bone status.

Lifestyle or legacy?

A healthy diet plus supplements of calcium, vitamin D and a lot of sunlight helps build a stronger skeleton. Strength training is also important, strength training with a lot of mechanical strain like jogging and weight lifting works the same way.

Check for signs of osteoporosis

See what happens when we loosen the bra

Medical studies also show a clear connection between bone loss, high alcohol consumption and smoking.

– I have been a household and nutrition teacher for all years and it has probably reflected the diet of both me and the family. In particular, I have been careful about enough fish and lots of vegetables. Today, I also take a lot of tran and D vitamins, says Anne-Karin.

Furthermore, she has never smoked, but she has not been in systematic training. On the other hand, she has always been an open-air man.

– Do not eat into a strong skeleton

– It never hurts with a healthy lifestyle, but when it comes to bone density, it is probably the congenital bone mass which will weigh heavily in the pot, says Arne Høiseth, osteoporosis physician and radiologist at Curato X-ray in Oslo.

Proper diet helps to keep the pain a little more at bay.

– Someone is born with stronger bone mass than others and has a better starting point. Even with different starting points, we lose bone mass at about the same rate. Therefore, a bone density measurement can also tell a lot about future status today, says Høiseth, who believes that one can never eat a strong skeleton.

– Some diseases can tear on the skeleton, such as gastrointestinal diseases. The same can do some medicines, he says.

Medicine Effects

Anne-Karin has taken the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving drug Voltaren due to arthritis in the fingers. Today she has stopped medicine for the long time and the goat has “burned out”.

Do you take low-metabolic drugs; Levaxin containing thyroxine may have consequences.

– Too high doses of thyroxine over a long period of time can adversely affect bone status, we are told by Senior Sigurd Hortemo at the Norwegian Medicines Agency.

– With regard to bone loss, cortisone preparations are some of the worst things you can take for a long time, says Hortemo.

Bens Kann No

Screening at Curato X-ray in Bergen takes only 15 minutes. It is without any form of discomfort and pain.

The DXA test measures bone density in the wrist, hip and backbone. All you need to remove is bra with spades and belts, lay down on a bench and then let a scanner tap the body.

– If you have a good amount of bone, you can also withstand a lot of loss. These girls have a bone density well above average. If they lose bone mass at a normal pace, they will never get osteoporosis, says Arne Høiseth after analyzing screenings for mother and daughters.

Check for signs of osteoporosis

TARGET LOSS: – If you have a good bone amount, you can also lose a lot, says Arne Høiseth, Osteoporosis doctor and radiologist at Curato X-ray in Oslo. Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen / HM Foto

Aunt and Medicine Despite – Anne-Karin must have had fierce inheritance in that way.

– This woman has won in the genetic lottery – in any case, what bone mass density concerns, says Høiseth.

Read our new and up-to-date article on bone loss in the Helseconcept. no

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