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Depot Tablets


Product: C Special

Distributor: From the Pharmacy

Manufacturer: Nycoplus

Ingredients: Tablet aids, dye, surface treatment agent, calcium L-ascorbate.

Amount and type of active substance per. 24-hour dose: 200 mg vitamin C (calcium L-ascorbate)

This is stated on the label: For the immune system, gentle to the stomach. Reduction of fatigue and drowsiness.

Form: Prolonged-release tablets

Number of daily doses: 100

Price per. Packaging: Kr 132

Price per. day: kr 1,32

Assessment: These prolonged-release tablets should be swallowed whole. The dietary supplement is gentle to the stomach by both acid-free and a little vitamin C-70 percent in the first four hours. The tablets are completely free of sweetener and sugar. Suitable for anyone who can swallow small tablets throughout.

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