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“Bringing out to finish something is a good thing

Seven good advice when the mind is about to take over.

"Bringing out to finish something is a good thing

"Bringing out to finish something is a good thing

– Compares with drug addicts

You know it builds up inside, the pulse rises, you get hot on your face – and then you explode. At work. Or in a company. On the bus.

And then you regret it afterwards. Why could not you have mastered you? And why are you getting much more angry than others?

Sincerely for a reason

Are you a person who detonates on time and expiration? Some may think that you should have learned the art of mastery.

Others claim it’s important to get the mind out.

In any case, it’s certain that the mind is there for some reason, it has a function and it tries to tell you something.

– Sense is largely about borders, says psychiatrist Bianca Schmidt.

Good to get your mind out

– When you experience frequent stroke, it is often a sign that it is “overloaded” inside. You’re simply overwhelmed – and the mind is the signal that tells you. It is enough! The small or large explosions can be called roar to get pushed things away or out. There is a way to try to take control of life, Schmidt says.

She says it’s good to get the mind out of the body.

It’s a discharge of negative feelings and a warning about border setting to the outside world.

May be more angry with roaring

It does not mean the same thing that it’s appropriate to spin the mind for hours.

– To roar out to finish something or to get grumble out of the body is usually a good thing. However, if you try to get to the bottom of the mind, or just scream and scream to run out of anger, you may be in danger of hanging up. Or you generate more anger.

It’s not necessarily that you run out of anger the more you roar.

– Think about what happens if the fire alarm goes and you’re in the midst of a rage case. The mind disappears in a snap, you do not finish screaming first.

The feelings under the mind

The psychotherapist also says that it is common to feel a lot at once, not just anger.

– We often talk to each other as if we only feel one thing at a time: What do you feel now? But often we feel many things at the same time and in team. We are sad, frustrated, insecure, angry. Then we can get a favorite expression form. For example, we are angry “on top” and below we are unsafe and vulnerable.

– Mind protects against the fragile underneath, or pushes others away when they come too close. Then you may want to try to get in touch with what’s under the mind, all that lives in the different layers of us, “she says.

"Bringing out to finish something is a good thing

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Say from previous

There are many ways to deal with these feelings.

There are mainly three factors that affect how you feel: Physiology (ie the body), the mind and the language.

– If any of this changes, the feelings change too. For example, if you breathe differently, you can feel calm and feel more in contact with your body. If you think differently, “he did not feel bad at all,” feeling can go from anger to sympathy, “Schmidt said..

It’s about what you focus on and how you talk to yourself and those around you.

– If you often explode in your daily life, you may want to know better in your body: Where are my limits? Then you can say at an earlier time, cut down on the tasks, say responsibility, before it gets too overwhelming and the outbreaks are coming, “Schmidt said..

Seven tips when the mind is about to grab

Sometimes you are in a situation where you certainly will not get angry. Then you may want to do the following to prevent a rage case:

1. Take a deep breath and hold the air for as long as you can. Then you slowly release it. Do this several times after each other. Or just try to take long breaths where you breathe with your stomach. It will automatically make you calmer.

"Bringing out to finish something is a good thing

SINCE, LEAD AND FRUSTRATED: When you experience frequent stroke, it is often a sign that it is “overloaded” inside. ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Thinkstock

2. Ask for a timeout, for example from the meeting at work or during the war with the girlfriend. Say that you need to be alone to calm down. Wait until the pulse has calmed down before you return. Then you avoid blowing your boyfriend with a lot you really do not mean – or lose face to the boss.

3. Focus. It may, for example, be on a bird outside the window or a point in the floor. Often the mind comes when the situation is experienced chaotic. Then the counterweight is to focus. Try to empty your mind for thoughts. Then you can either let them come back when the tension in the body has released the roof.

"Bringing out to finish something is a good thing

– Life is here and now and most things can be done

4. Try to take the big perspective – or the opposite’s perspective. When it’s easier to understand the other, it can do something about your mind – it will release the roof and can increase the chances for a good conversation and mutual sympathy.

5. Know that the mind is about you. It’s so easy to go out and blame others to make you angry. But you are responsible for your reaction patterns, which may be influenced by your past and the “indoor climate” in yourself that day. Besides, you can not do anything about the rest of the world, just yourself.

"Bringing out to finish something is a good thing

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6. You may want to activate yourself to get the mind out, for example, go for a ride, ride a bike, jump, get all the adrenaline.

7. If you know that you become furious and do not want to explode – imagine calling your best friend afterwards and blowing out the idiot in front of you in the queue. Then you know that the mind is going to come to an end – you just have to hold it on.

Sources: Psychologist Grethe Nordhelle, Follo Psychotherapy, NGI (Norwegian Language Institute)



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