Breathing problems of housework

Cleaning the kitchen floor and cleaning in general can trigger breathing problems in asthmatics.

Breathing problems of housework

Breathing problems of housework

Housework makes her unhappy

Breathing problems of housework

Sex or housework?

Our findings clearly show that cleaning worsens the symptoms of asthmatics, says the head of a new American survey, Dr. Bernstein.

Want to test regular people

Those who have a cleaning job are exposed to many different cleaning products, and are in the risk group to develop asthma or to worsen the disease.

The researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine therefore wanted to investigate what happens to common people when they clean in their own homes. The study has recently been published in the journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Clear deterioration

25 asthmatics and a control group of 19 non-asthmatics participated in the 12-week study, all women. They had previously told scientists that they were usually responsible for all cleaning of the house.

After cleaning, researchers found a clear increase in breathing problems in asthma subjects compared with the control group.

It is important that those with asthma are aware that cleaning products can exacerbate the plagues


According to researchers, both groups experienced breathing problems using the cleaners, which were considered to have a low level of toxic chemicals.

These findings point to a weak, but potentially important, health impact on the use of detergents over many years.

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The researchers believe that doctors should warn asthmatics about any health hazards when using detergents. Dr Bernstein points out that they now need more studies to find out if this is correct.

– Very interesting

The findings in this American study are very interesting.

It says Tor B. Aasen, Head of Department and Specialist in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen.

– Although relatively small, the findings fit well with clinical experience and knowledge of how different detergents work, he believes.

Breathing problems of housework

Equality gives better sex

Breathing problems of housework

Dramatic increase in asthma

Not the job, but the means

Aasen says that more European studies have also shown increased symptoms in asthmatics when exposed to different detergents.

– It is therefore important that those with asthma are aware that cleaners can worsen the plagues, he points out.

(Source: Health24.com)

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