– Botox blew the migraines away

For Gunn Marit Indreiten (43), the wrinkle-free pan is just a bonus.

- Botox blew the migraines away

- Botox blew the migraines away

GIVING HELP: Nurse Christine Vatne. Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen, HM Photo Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen HM Foto

Facts about migraines

– Half a million Norwegians struggle with migraines, and the disease affects women three times as often as men.

– Migraines are a neurological disease. The word “migraine” is derived from Greek hemikrani; pain that touches a side of the head.

– Nearly one in five experiences one or more migraine attacks during life.

Migraine attacks cause severe numbing headaches, which are exacerbated by physical activity. The pain is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, shyness and sensitivity to the skin. The seizures can last from four to 72 hours.

– The disease often debutes in puberty and becomes less frequent after the age of 45.

– The treatment includes common painkillers and analgesics, as well as several types of seizures (triptans). Many people need anti-doping medication, usually beta blocker.

- Botox blew the migraines away

Do you see what she has fixed on?

- Botox blew the migraines away

How much does a new body cost

- Botox blew the migraines away

To get rid of bad breath

– Oh, now the jam was good with chocolate again!

Gunn Marit Indreiten can, with 13 fresh Botox injections in the pan, finally enjoy chocolate, a heavy dinner or red wine without having to pay with headaches.

Pain after accident

A few years ago, the 43-year-old had to be armed with seizures and painkillers. She suffered from neck pain and migraine after a traffic accident in the 1990s.

– In addition, I am highly hereditary and has both a mother and a sister with migraines, she says.

The attacks can last for several days and the trigger can be so many: high carbohydrate foods, many hours of bent neck over the pc and, not least, stress and mental pressure.

As a lawyer for assistance in many heavy criminal cases, Gunn Marit’s working days are long and demanding.

– It’s quite typical that I get headache after being in court. Fortunately, I do not have to worry about it for the next few months after I’ve got a Botox replenishment.

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Documentation is missing

There is no solid scientific evidence that Botox is good migraine medicine. Equally, some migraine patients report a positive effect.

Gunn Marit even got this experience for the first time she tried Botox at Akershus Laser Clinic in spring 2007.

– I had severe headaches when I came here, but in a few hours, the one who blew away. It was amazing. Since then I’ve got stuck here and the effect can last for four to five months. In many ways, Botox has given me back the life I had before the traffic accident, “said Gunn Marit.


Christine Wiese Vatne, specialist nurse at Akershus Laser Clinic, was even bothered by strong headaches and tried Botox. It gave her five months without migraine attacks.

Water assesses customers carefully before giving her a headache treatment, and she only puts syringes on her forehead. Those who are the hardest bothered, and those who need injections in the neck or shoulders, she passes on to the neurologist or pain clinic.

Become wrinkled

Before water fills up the syringes, she knows the muscles in the area of ​​the brow and brow.

- Botox blew the migraines away

HELP NOT ALL: Someone can tell about the giant effect of Botox, others notice no improvement. PHOTO: Bjørn Inge Karlsen, HM Foto. Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen HM Foto

This is Botox

– Botox is short for “Botulinum Toxin”, and is a neurotoxicity that has been used for medical purposes for nearly 30 years. Today it is given to about. 120 different indications, including in the treatment of muscle spasms, stroke and abnormal sweating.

– Botox also has an effect on headache, was accidentally discovered when the American beauty industry took Botox as an antirheumant.

– The toxic toxin has a lame effect on the muscles, which can cause painless periods for patients bothered with migraines and tension headache.

– The US producer Allergan received in October a state approval to use Botox as a drug against migraines.

Then put the stitches for a certain pattern in the forehead to reduce the muscular strength that contributes to the stress headache. In this field of excitement, the procerus muscle, which creates the so-called «sinnarynken».

Most of us will sooner or later get one or two scales between the eyebrows. But at Gunn Marit they are gone.

– Getting rid of the sense of sin is a nice extra bonus with the treatment. I do not need the wrinkles, she laughs.

– And you have no hesitation in being treated with nervous glands in your forehead?

– No, I feel safe both at the therapist and the drug. Rather a little Botox three times a year than to load the body with strong migraine remedies for the rest of your life. I’m glad I’ve found a better option. I’m also lucky to get in quickly when I notice that the head is returning after a few months, says Gunn Marit.

The effect varies

Norway’s Migraine Association receives some requests from its members about Botox and other alternative treatments, without the patient organization recommending one rather than the other.

– Someone can tell about the giant effect of Botox, others notice no improvement. This will be the case with most types of treatments, whether traditional or alternative treatment. No headache is similar. Most of us are through many different therapies. I have tried Botox myself, but did not notice any change, states county leaders in Rogaland, Anne Sæther Kulander.

Evil Pain Circle

As a permanent telephone guard on the federal auxiliary phone, she has contact with migraine patients across the country. Some people say that Botox has made it possible to break a vicious circle when the drug intake has become too high.

– Many people struggle with frequent and invalidating migraine attacks. The drug intake for some of these will be so large that they receive the additional diagnosis of drug overdose headache (MOH). With Botox you can have an attack free and medicine-free period, so that you get back to an acceptable level of drug use, “says Kulander..

She recommends migrant workers to seek out qualified headache specialists if they want to try Botox treatment.

Another general advice from the Migraine Association is to seek out a physician who can provide accurate diagnosis, proper treatment and advice on good coping strategies regarding sleep, rest, food and activity. Only when this is in place should you try other methods.

There are several non-medicated treatments against migraines. Some of the most common are acupuncture, homeopathy, dietary supplements magnesium, omega 3 and B2 vitamins, physical treatment, relaxation techniques and massage, naprapathy and chiropractic.

Want more documentation

Aud Nome Dueland is a neurologist at Sandvika Nevrosenter in Bærum, and started treating the first migraine patients with Botox seven years ago.

Since then, she has seen several examples that hard-hit patients have had a better working day. But she has also seen that Botox does not work. Evaluation is done after attempt number two, and all treatment takes place at intervals of at least three months.

- Botox blew the migraines away

MUST COVER: Nevrolog Aud Nome Dueland warns that Botox does not work for everyone. Patients must cover treatment themselves because Botox is not approved as migraine medicine. PHOTO: Bjørn Inge Karlsen, HM Photo Photo: Bjørn Inge Karlsen / HM Foto

– Botox is never the first choice, she says.

Patients must be carefully diagnosed and have tried all other treatments before considering Botox. Because this drug currently has no headache as an approved indication for use here in Norway, the patient must cover the costly treatment himself, without the right to refund from NAV. I am alerting patients, but many still have a strong desire to try out Botox, Dueland states..

She emphasizes that all Botox treatment for headaches should take place with qualified doctors with interest and expertise in the field. On a national basis, this is a handful of doctors and neurologists.

Get side effects

Several studies have been conducted on Botox and migraines and headaches, and it has taken a long time to document significant differences between those treated with Botox and the others in the control groups. Skeptic doctors and neurologists have therefore been awaiting use.

– There has now been a major study showing significantly better efficacy of Botox compared with placebo in chronic migraine patients. These are migrant patients 15 days or more per month. As a result, Botox has received indication of chronic migraine in some countries in 2010, p. a. Usa and uk. The effect of Botox on chronic migraines is also in line with my clinical experience. Equally, it’s hard to know who can benefit from Botox and not. We do not know what criteria to look for. Hopefully further research here will give us more answers, “Dueland says.

– What side effects are associated with Botox treatment for headaches?

– The side effects are basically minimal, something we know after several decades of use of Botox. Some patients may immediately get a little pain in the stools, and injection may result in a little hanging eyelid. But this decreases as the drug gradually breaks down into the tissue, “said Dueland.

Sources: Norway’s Migraine Association, Migraines. no, Adressa. no, vg. No, Electronic Physician’s Manual

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