Blows the flu crisis

Mexico claims to have control of the influenza virus that has scared a whole world.

Blows the flu crisis

Blows the flu crisis

Here you can see where the swine flu is spreading

Blows the flu crisis

Ask about swine flu

Blows the flu crisis

Everything you’re wondering about swine flu

– It is important now that people no longer need to think of this as a real disaster or threat to health, “says health director Bjørn Inge Larsen to NRK (external link).

Web meeting Tuesday: Get answers to what you’re wondering about the swine flu, ask questions here

Considering the threat as lower

He adds that this is a disease and a new virus that is likely to hit Norway as well, but that the Directorate of Health is not anxious for the flu season to come. The director of health says that there is probably no reason to take part in influenza A H1N1 either.

Norwegian health authorities are now considering the threat of Influenza A H1N1 as lower than the first few days after the virus outbreak. The assessment is based on the outbreak of the disease image outside of Mexico with moderate influenza symptoms.

According to the Directorate’s website (external link), there are still no cases of influenza A H1N1 in Norway.

New Website for Information

The Norwegian authorities have now established the website as the official channel for Influenza A H1N1 information.

Approaching a thousand cases

WHO reports Monday 985 officially confirmed cases of Influenza A H1N1. The disease has been detected in 20 countries. Mexico has confirmed 590 cases detected in humans, and 25 are confirmed dead as a result of the virus.

226 cases have been reported from the United States, including a death, a Mexican child who was in the country for treatment.

Continued epidemic monitoring

The Directorate of Health addresses a long-term epidemic with a mild disease image. Because no, or few, are immune, many can become ill. The Health Directorate further states that they think most people who get sick will be fresh by themselves.

According to the National Pandemiplan (External Link), it is estimated that influenza viruses can reach a peak to return to – then to return again, for example, in the autumn, as the Spanish sickness in 1918 behaved.

Then the virus affected the virus as soon as it struck, went back and broke out again in the fall more deadly than before.

Norwegian authorities are preparing information material that will be distributed to citizens of the country, in case of a possible outbreak. follows the case


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