Between Prissjiktet

These pizzas cost between 33 and 45 kroner.

Between Prissjiktet

Test Criteria

The pizzas are evaluated based on nutritional content and ingredients.

Low calorie content, low fat content, low carbohydrate content and high protein content weigh most. In addition, the sugar content, the number of E-substances and the proportion of meat on the meat pizzas are taken into account.

Max score is 21 points. We have converted this to Click’s default scale 1-6.

None of the pizzas in the price range 33-45 can measure up with Ristorante Pizza Bolognese, which gets 13 out of 21 achievable points, which holds the grade 4. Big One Classic and Casa di Mama Trio di Carne are the ones closest to, with 12 points, which also holds the grade 4.

Here, however, there are eleven pizzas that fall on grade 1 or 2, and nobody gets better than 4.

Keyhole Pizza Grandiosa Steak and onion, only 10 points, and ending on a medium 3s.


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