Baptized and HIV infection

14 men were HIV infected after being in sex party in the Netherlands. Now three men are charged.

Baptized and HIV infection

A scary story is now being rolled up in a courtroom in Groeningen in the Netherlands. Three men are accused of baptizing and injecting HIV-infected blood into 14 victims.

Baptized on sex party

One of the victims, a gay man, should have told him that he was invited to a sex party at someone’s home. He did not think that a small party visit would have such fatal consequences.

Once in the evening he was baptized and got a syringe. The next thing he remembered was that he woke up in his own car, which he had parked in the neighborhood.

Injected infected blood

A few days later, the man became very bad, and when he got to the hospital, the doctors found out that he had blood that was not his own in the years. He was also informed that he was HIV positive, writes Radio Nederland.

In 2006 and 2007, the same occurred with 13 other gay men. Everyone says they were baptized and a syringe was spilled with what the 14 men think is HIV-infected blood.

Searching answer

The three suspects, now charged with the case, were arrested in May 2007. They are all infected with HIV, but deny that they are guilty. If the three are convicted, they may risk 21 years in prison.

12 of the men who say they received injections of HIV-infected blood are HIV positive.

– They hope that the trial will give them an answer as to why this has happened to them, “said Fred Kappelhof, according to the BBC.

The trial began Monday.


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