Bad boss can kill you

“But employees must take responsibility for health themselves,” says former head hunter Elin Ørjasæter.

Bad boss can kill you

Bad boss can kill you

Stressing sick

Bad boss can kill you

Managing Best in Test

Bad boss can kill you

When the job manages life

A Swedish research team has found that poor leadership can increase the risk of serious heart disease and heart attack. 3000 men have participated in the study, which has lasted almost a decade.

The risk of employees increases the longer they were employed by the company with bad bosses.

Underviews = Uvaner

The researchers say that the result is linked to the fact that feeling underestimated and not supported by the boss at work can mean stress for the employees. This stress can foster bad habits, such as smoking, which in turn increases the risk of heart disease.

Previous research has shown that unfair bosses can increase employee blood pressure. Blood pressure that stays high for a long time can also lead to heart disease.

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Bad boss can kill you

INCREASED RISK: The longer you stay in the business where you do not feel valued by the boss, the greater the risk of having heart problems.. Photo: Crestock

The new research, carried out by researchers at the Karolinska Institute and the University of Stockholm, employs 3000 men aged 19 to 70 years. During the research period, 74 cases of ischemic heart disease, such as myocardial infarction and angina.

Iskemi means reduced blood supply and thus oxygen deficiency in the tissues.

Participants should give grades on leadership style. They should, among other things, consider how clear the bosses set for the employees and how good they were to communicate and provide feedback.

Risk increases over the years

Respondents who judged their bosses the worst, had 25 percent greater risk of having a serious heart problem. But those who worked in such a business for four years or more had as much as 64 percent increased risk, writes the BBC.

The Swedish team, supported by British and Finnish researchers, says that if there is such a proven relationship, pressure should be put on business leaders to prevent heart disease.

Responsibility for personal health

Author and former head hunter Elin Ørjasæter, on the other hand, believes that employees in a company must take responsibility for their own health.

– You must make a choice. If the boss is a fool, but the job is good, you can decide to live happily at work. If you do not, you have to stop, “says Elin Ørjasæter. no.

– Get away from the bully

Bad boss can kill you

TAKE A CHOICE: If you think the boss is a tull, you can either choose to be and make the best of the situation, or you should stop, Elin Ørjasæter says.. Photo: Bo Mathisen

However, if you get bullied in the workplace, it’s best to get away, she believes.

Bad boss can kill you

REACTIONS: Elin Ørjasæter has had strong reactions to “Leaderboka”. Photo: CappelenDamm

– If your boss is bothering you, get away and get yourself another job.

– The Labor Inspectorate has gone out saying that you will be taken up if you are bullied. I do not agree with that. It’s like saying to a woman who is being maltreated by the man to take up the fight inside the marriage but not divorce, “says Ørjasæther..

Reject the boss

She does not like people thinking they can change others.

– You can not change your boss. If you try it, you’re going to ruin your health, “said the author.

She believes there is a better way to reveal that the boss is bullying.

– Such bosses should be revealed by never having the good employees, says Elin Ørjasæter.

Have you ever had a bad boss? Why was she or him bad and what could have been done better? Say your opinion in the comments box below.

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