Bacterial shock in the fish dish

Half of the fish in the shop is in poor quality.

Bacterial shock in the fish dish

Bacterial shock in the fish dish

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Bacterial shock in the fish dish

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Bacterial shock in the fish dish

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Bacterial shock in the fish dish

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Fish is good and a great starting point for a healthy diet.

For example, fish fat can help prevent dementia and omega-3 can positively affect your fat burning.

Fish proteins can also increase combustion – but in Norway’s fishing industry, it’s not easy for consumers to find good fresh fish.

10 percent of the fish in a dish is inedible.

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Too much bacteria

“We have purchased and analyzed 193 fish samples. Half have such a high content of contagion bacteria that the quality is called dubious or unacceptable. “

It reports to the Consumer Council, which for the third time in four years finds that the quality of food in Norwegian fish dangers is disappointing.

As far as over half, 55 per cent of the purchased fish pieces are of such quality that the fish can be termed “good”. 35 percent have such a high bacterial content that the quality is called “questionable”. The character “doubtful” means that the fish should be eaten on the day of purchase.

Unacceptable as human food

– The result is disappointing. We are a fishing station. We are proud of eating fish and fish are healthy, “says Consumer Director, Randi Flesland, to

– Ten percent of the fish sold contain so many bacteria that it is unacceptable as human food, she says.

The Norges Group stores are the best in the survey, but all the big chains have both stores that are doing well and stores that make it bad.

Both suppliers and stores may be in bad quality.

– We may need to look at the criteria for placing the fish in the counter. And not least, we must look at the receipt and receipt check as you do in the store. Maybe we have something to get it on and get better at that assessment, says Quality Manager in Coop Norway, Ane Grjotheim, to

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