Atomic Sport Pro Skintec

Racing-like, but too rigid.

Atomic Sport Pro Skintec

In short:

+ Competitive-like tension

Difficult to get

<p Stiff skiing

Ustabile out of tracks and in turns

It seems that this ski is built up with a kind of racing pen, but without the ski features completely matching the thrill. This makes it the less expensive Atomic Pro Sintec a better option for those who want a good pair of exercise.

ØYVIND: “This ski was hard to get attached to because of a rigid bucket, so I do not judge it in a good way. Like the other Atomic skis, they are a bit unstable outside the track.”

GEIR: “Like Redster Skintec skiing also requires this much of the runner. Maybe a bit stiff enough to be a training ski. A little difficult to get fast while still subberling more than the best Atomic couple.”


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