Atomic Redster Skintec

Best in the test – but requires some of the runner.

Atomic Redster Skintec

In short:

+ Light Ski

+ Good Slide

Slightly unstable in turns

GEIR CHANGE: “The original of” skis ski “. The skis that are closest to a racing ski. Clearly the best system for swapping is a good and good skiing. Nice workout skis for good skiers. Need for weight transfer to fasten skis. In particular, this trap applies with least attachment. ”

ØYVIND: “Test winner! Very good skiing, big difference between the trap variants as the trap without midtrand worked best on cold and the opposite of mild lead.” If you are a bit drunk, I would have gone for this model. “

These skis have an ingenious system to swap “trap”. The magnet variant allows you to switch in seconds. It is the most expensive test, but also the best. Only downside here is that the Atomic skis get a bit unstable and slide out in the tip in turns and outside tracks.

The tension resembles a racing ski – therefore, there is greater demand for good skidness among the users of these skis than most of the other skis in the test. But overall, these are the supreme best lubricated skis you can buy today.


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