Asics Gel Fuji Setsu

Stability is the best with this school.

Asics Gel Fuji Setsu

In short:

+ Stable shoes for fun running

+ Well-damped

+ Nice little pocket in the plush to pack the lips

Stiff shoes that seem oversized

Very hard heel hood

Known backbone

A rock-hard heel cap helped destroy three out of four testers of this shoe, with rubs and other ailments as a result:

– I have not been able to use this much because I get hurt at the top, at the back of my heel, where the shoe seizes me like a bad hard claw, says Maren Haugeto.

Asics Gel Fuji Setsu offers stability and cushioning, and quite a grip, but it feels heavy on the foot compared with the other shoes in the test.


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