Arla Klovborg Sliced ​​extra layer

Pull for E-fabric.

Arla Klovborg Sliced ​​extra layer

In short:

Nutritional content per 100 g

Energy, kcal: 340

Protein, g: 26

Fat, g: 26

Calcium, mg: not specified

Vitamin B12: Not Specified

Preservative: E251

Acidity regulator: no


45.90 for 250g


Producer Arla Price 184


Arla is the sender of three sliced ​​Danish cheeses, this is extraordinary and can thus be compared with the cheeses that is called extra well stored in the test.

Both the calorie and fat content is lower than in the extra-well-known Norway, but it has a trait in character for not to mention the content of calcium and B12, and to contain E251.

Our character


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