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Are you manic or just a little hyper?

“Too high pace is becoming a social problem.

Are you manic or just a little hyper?

Are you manic or just a little hyper?

If you get over 40 points on this test, chances are you are hypocritical

In our modern, hectic society it is easy to feel manic. We run from one to the other and often do not come down in the evening. How do you know if you are manic or just gira? And what can you do to calm the pulse?

It’s quick to worry if you’re manic when you run from one to the other, panic trainer after work and clear the whole house until you go to bed. But are you necessarily manic?

Dangerous Disorder

– Being manic is a diagnosis, says psychologist Grethe Nordhelle.

– Man is not born manically but disposed of. And then the disorder can be triggered for various reasons.

Frequently, manic cycles go with the depressive. It is called manic depressive – or bipolar. One has both the tall manic spikes and the deep depressive valleys. Both phases are dangerous.

– In the intense manic phase you can risk getting in the car with a small child and driving in 120 in 40 zone. Or play away all their money. A typical sign of this disease picture is that you do not understand that you are sick yourself. You think it is normal. Thus, nothing is done about it. Often you do not want to do anything about it either because you get high from the manic phase. It’s a mess where one feels you can do everything and there are no limits. The danger is that the downturn will always come, in the worst case of suicidal thoughts, says Nordhelle.

Just hyper?

Many are not manic, although they may feel like that, but rather a bit harsh.

– Some are simply more active than the average. Others are more passive. Perhaps it’s “manic” a natural part of your temperament? Or it may be something you’ve been to keep something in your mind at a distance, so as not to let you know. Thus you keep a high pace. That pace is not directly dangerous, but it can be harmful to health, says the psychologist.

Too high pace

Nordhelle says that someone recently appeared in public and said he felt too old for today’s pace, even though he was young. Instead of the good old-fashioned newspaper that he could study in peace and quiet, it was now the short version of the news on the phone that was applicable, with glimpses of tits in between. He got breathless, the heart beat failed to keep up.

– It is becoming a social problem. We have so many balls in the air. We have children, take further education, run from one to the other. Then we get stressed, we forget to know, orcs do not know and then we continue to fill up with something else.

A result may be tension headache, which is the most common form of headache.

Can not be alone

Many also have trouble being alone – and still make appointments with friends.

– Being manically busy by someone else’s company is no diagnosis, but it’s tiring and unhealthy for us. It is when we are alone that we can really get to know our inner being. It only happens when we listen quietly inwards and manage to shut out all the outside noise.

The psychologist advises you to take a quiet exercise every day – the same she asks some of her clients about.

– Many of them ask: But is not that very scary, then? Yes, it may be if you are not used to it. It is not only comfortable to meet yourself in the door. But that’s when you get to know your true needs, wishes and dreams. That’s when the creativity really gets streaming! So try to get into yourself, even if you have fleas in your blood.

It is the psychologist’s best advice against the “manic” who is gradually struggling out.

– You have to work out to slow down the rhythm, simply. The more you’ve run from yourself, the more difficult it is. Then there are many layers to come through. But there’s no other way to do it than to calm down and listen.

Nature’s calming effect

Nature has a calming effect, says Nordhelle, and is therefore a suitable place to go to self.

– Go small tours alone. When you go for a ride with pumping music in your ears, or chatting with others, you will not get the healing effect of nature. Bird Acknowledge. wave Gurgling. Suspended in the trees. Life and movement. A vibration from the ground that lowers the pulse naturally, so you get calmer and can breathe more freely. The opposite of manicity. Such a trip is absolutely free and probably some of the best you do for yourself.

Uses diagnostic words

Gestational therapist Bianca Schmidt says it’s easy to believe that you are manic because you use diagnostic words in daily language.

Are you manic or just a little hyper?

Five notifications that you are close to being burned

Are you manic or just a little hyper?

– Bringing out to finish something is a good thing

– This causes the distinction between diagnosis and normal states to whistle out. You can thus end up being unsure if you have a serious disorder – for example, you are manic.

But most of us are not manic although we live hectic lives. Stress is a part of everyday life for very many of us.

Schmidt says it’s not healthy to live so hectic over time. Our bodies get drunk with the stress hormone cortisol – and for high values ​​of this hormone for longer periods, we do something about our overall health condition.

– We burn faster, combustion goes down and we are more likely to develop various diseases. That does not mean it’s dangerous to have some hectic periods! It may feel wonderful to stand on for a period of time. The important thing is that you have a good balance between activity and rest. Both parts are equally important. What is the right balance for you, you need to figure out yourself. Take some time to get to know how you work optimally. When is your energy and your level of well-being on top? The body is good at giving correct signals when you only know, “Schmidt said.



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