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Are you a little “lazy”, the bread becomes healthier

A little planning is all that is needed.

Are you a little "lazy", the bread becomes healthier

Long-term heaving your bread dough gets you back, which is more nutritious and easier to digest. A little planning is all that is needed.

Put a dough in the evening and let it rise to the kitchen counter next morning.

It’s all very convenient, because you can enjoy freshly baked bread for the whole breakfast without having to wait forever for the glory to finish.

Bread is a good source of fiber and healthy. Although it has become trendy to eat gluten-free food, there is no reason to drop the bread if you do not respond to it.

(If you are in doubt if you do not tolerate gluten elller, check out this checklist. )

Grains can inhibit nutrition

But long-term boost also has a number of health benefits that it may be worth noting.

– Cereals contain a number of antibiotics or defense chemicals, such as phytic acid found especially in the outer part of the grain, ie the shell itself, but also in other plant foods such as legumes, nuts and seeds, and to a lesser extent in vegetables and fruits. This phytic acid can reduce the body’s absorption of important nutrients, including the minerals iron, zinc and calcium, says Johnny Laupsa-Borge, Master of Human Nutrition.

– At the same time phytic acid to some extent inhibits the ability to digest proteins and carbohydrates, he explains.

Enzymes wake to life

What happens when the bread dough is long-term is that different enzymes in the grain and flour are brought to life. Among other things, the enzyme phytase will break down the phytic acid.

– In short, this process means that our body can utilize better food nutrients and that our bread becomes easier digestible, “says Laupsa-Borge..

He points out that phytic acid and some other antibiotic substances are not toxic or dangerous in themselves. However, if you eat a lot of untreated cereal in the form of bread and porridge, or a lot of seeds, legumes and nuts, this can in some contribute to mineral deficiency, especially of iron and zinc. Special vegetarians should be aware of this.

Therefore, it is important to blow new life into this relatively simple practice, making it a habit to soak not only cereals and flour but also seeds, legumes and nuts. Certainly overnight, says Laupsa-Borge.

No hocus pocus


Johnny-Laupsa Borge is a research journalist in the health magazine science and reason, and holds a master’s degree in human nutrition from the University of Bergen.

Lise von Krogh is nutritionist in Bramat. no and food blogs on lisevonkrogh. wordpress. com.

Are you a little "lazy", the bread becomes healthier

Here are eight super-loaves of bread

Long-term lifting of bread dough is by no means a hocus pocus.

Entrepreneurs and Chefs Bakers at the Open Bakery in Oslo, Emmanuel Rang, explains the procedure:

– Use a minimum of yeast. Only five grams per kilo flour. The water must be cold. Calculate 7.5 dl of water per kilo of flour, he says.

The finished dough may advantagely stand a little on the kitchen counter to get started the fermentation process before putting it in a cool place with a cloth or plastic over.

– So the dough should stand through all night. There is no need for long afterheating when baked out the following day, tells Rang.

This provides the back with better durability, taste and color. Baking as simply is easier to digest for the stomach.

The fiber, particularly fiber from cereal products have a preventive effect on colorectal cancer.

Lower glycemic index

And if it was not enough:

– Enzymes raised to life when flour and grain are soaked for a long time will further increase their activity under acidic conditions, says nutritionist Lise von Krogh.

For example, you can add some tablespoons of vinegar to the bread dough if you wish.

Are you a little "lazy", the bread becomes healthier

EXPERTS: Johnny-Laupsa Borge and Lise von Krogh. Photo: Private and Bjørn Inge Karlsen, HM Foto


Some benefits of soaking grain

  • Easier to digest because enzymes break down unfortunate defenses
  • Better absorption of minerals and other nutrients
  • More aromatic taste
  • Some benefits of lactic acid / fermenting grain:
  • Supply of probiotic bacteria
  • Supply of enzyme enzymes
  • Better protein quality
  • Higher content of vitamins and other health promoting substances
  • Reduced levels of antibiotic substances
  • Better digestion of proteins and starch
  • Better absorption of minerals

Source: “Traditional grain”, Johnny Laupsa-Borge 2008

Are you a little "lazy", the bread becomes healthier

The breakfasts ensure a healthy start to the day

Are you a little "lazy", the bread becomes healthier

– It’s not healthier to eat gluten free

The most suitable method is, nevertheless, so-called lactic acidification or fermentation, a technique that we humans have used for hundreds of years.

In the past, when there was no industrial yeast, you baked with different sourdough cultures that you made yourself. A herbal culture consists mainly of two components: lactic acid bacteria and yeast spontaneously formed, says Lise von Krogh.

– So what’s the benefit of sourdough bread versus plain bread?

– Surdeig bread saturates more, is more durable and has lower glycemic index than regular bread. You get a more stable blood sugar because the carbohydrates are taken more slowly into the body, “she says.

Glycemic Index (GI) is a number that tells you how much your blood sugar levels rise when you eat a food containing carbohydrates.

Lactic acid bacteria

– Why sourdough bread causes lower insulin response is unclear, explains von Krogh.

The researchers claim, among other things, that lactic acid formation, which reduces the pH in the bread, can absorb the starch degradation.

By the way, lactic acid bacteria will form more of the enzyme phytase, in addition to the phytase already present in the grain itself.

The lactic acid bacteria also form other valuable enzymes that are important for the mineral uptake.

When the “bad” bacteria in your intestinal flora begin to quarrel, lactic acid bacteria can come to fruition.

Like a goldfish

The fact that having a sourdough starter permanently on the kitchen bench is almost like having goldfish. You do not get a very close relationship with it, but it must be fed and taken care of, explains von Krogh.

To make a herb starter you only need two ingredients: flour and water – in addition to good time and planning.

How to proceed, please read more at www. leaven. no. Here you will also find more recipes for sourdough bread, which many nutritionists say is healthier than the bread and bread we baked ourselves in the “usual” way.

Are you a little "lazy", the bread becomes healthier

BLOOD TREATMENT: Do you eat much untreated cereal in the form of bread and porridge, or a lot of seeds, legumes and nuts, this can in some contribute to mineral deficiency, especially of iron and zinc. Photo: Kristin Ellefsen

– In industrial bread baking, but also at home on their own kitchen counter, large quantities of yeast are used, and the rise time is so short that enzymes do not have time to break down the digestive inhibitors of the grain.. In other words, daily bread for most people has a significantly lower nutritional value than yeast and specially sourbread bread that has been allowed to rise overnight or longer, says Laupsa-Borge.

Are you a little "lazy", the bread becomes healthier

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