Arcteryx Fortrez Hoody Women’s

Intermediate Jacket Tests 2016 Arcteryx Fortrez Hoody Women’s

Arcteryx Fortrez Hoody Women's

In short:

+ Lovely substance, really delicious to move in.

+ Fjärlett.

+ Someone thinks it could be longer in the back.

Arcteryx Fortrez Hoody Women’s

Smart, technical fleece jacket with built-in balaklava (covering the neck, mouth and nose).

Insulates well, even though it is among the thinnest. Unpleasant fabric and cut.

Follows the body’s movements. Smooth outside works water repellent. No tightening, but sitting like molded.

Zipper pockets on the upper arm and sides.

Gray, red, purple, blue.


Producer Arcteryx Price 1899


Superficial fabric and cut. Smooth outside works water repellent.

Our character


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