Alternative marathon runners

Do you think the only way to run the marathon is with shorts and sneakers?

Alternative marathon runners

Alternative marathon runners

The exercise that guarantees better fitness

Alternative marathon runners

All this has cyclists allowed to

Alternative marathon runners

The fingers reveal you

New world record in marathon was put in Boston 18. April this year when Geoffrey Mutai from Kenya ran the stretch on time 2 h, 3 min and 2 seconds.

And of course we are impressed with it. But maybe we’re so impressed with these quite alternative marathon record holders:


Age no barrier

American Gladys Burrill became the oldest woman who completed a marathon when crossing the finish line of last year’s marathon at Honolulu.

She was 92 years old, finishing at 9:53. She ran her first marathon at the age of 86, but after completing four marathon in a row, she had to break in 2008 and 2009. Despite family protests, she resurrected in 2010, thus entering the story as the world’s oldest woman who has completed a marathon, writes Honolulu Marathon. org


Why run forward when you have the option to run backwards?

Perhaps that was what he thought, Xu Zhenjun from China, who has the world record in the back marathon. During the Beijing International Marathon 17. October 2004, he completed 3 hours 43 minutes 39 seconds.

Viewing jogging with prams in front of them is not so uncommon. But something more unusual, maybe it’s possible to run the marathon with the pram sitting in the carriage.

The world record in the marathon with baby carriage is an American that holds. The record is from 2007, when Michael Wardian ran into time 2 h, 42 min and 21 seconds with the carriage in front of him.

Styles, crutches and skipping rope.

If he was actually injured or if he just needed a challenge, the story says nothing about. The American John Sandford participated in this year’s London Marathon on crutches, becoming the fastest man to complete a marathon in this way. His time was 6 h, 24 min and 48 seconds.

Alternative marathon runners

BACKGROUND: About this he looked, Danish who chose a slightly untraditional marathon suit in Odense in 2008. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

Two hours more used British Michelle Frost when she three years earlier participated in the same marathon, and set record with stilts at 8h, 25 min.

He must have used a little extra effort, the canadian who has the record for the marathon with the jump rope. The record was set by Chris Baron in Ottawa, Canada, in May 2007, when he jumped in at 4 h, 28 min and 48 seconds.

Mark Ott from the United States scored after 3 h, 23 min and 42 seconds in a marathon in Michigan, USA in 2010. Then he had dribbled a basketball all the way.

Elvis in the trail

Exercise noise has risen. It probably means these British marathon runners who chose a little outdated outfit for the strength test.

That many Britons are keen to be properly enraged may be a myth. But Paul Buchanan was as good in full dress as he ran the marathon at 3 h, 24 min and 46 seconds in Dublin in 2009.

Alternative marathon runners

NISSE: Perhaps it was a little hot for the man who chose to run the marathon in Christmas outfit. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Colorbox. com

Faster when Ian Sharman ran out like Elvis in Seattle in the same year. He used 2 h, 42 min and 52 seconds.

Almost as fast as Paul Fernandez in clown suit in Gloucester in 2009, 2 h, 50 min and 44 seconds.

The record for the fastest marathon dressed up as Santa Claus is just five minutes more. 2 h, 55 min and 50 seconds used Paul Simons during the London Marathon, also in 2009.

What was the reason for choosing outfits when Michael Neville was in the same marathon the following year, does not know. But with 3 h, 9 min and 21 seconds he is the holder of the record for fastest marathon carried out dressed as a vegetable. Neville stood as carrot.

What the British can say is that they have probably chosen better attire than Danish Peter Pedersen. In 2008, he completed the marathon in Odense at 6 h, 46 min and 59 seconds. And outfit? Full armor, writes fyens. dk

Without shoes

Now that the barfoot trend is spreading in Norway, we’ll know that it’s over fifty years since the world record in the marathon without shoes was set. Abebe Bikila from Ethiopia, they ran just over 42 kilometers without shoes at the time 2 h, 15 min and 16 scours during the Olympics in Italy in 1960.

Source: Guiness World of Records

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