A little kick behind!

More and more of us weigh a few kilos too much. Some have just a few extra pounds, while others are dragging on a significant overweight.

A little kick behind!

Many of these have attempted to get rid of the excess fat both one, two and ten times before. But why is it so hard to lose weight and why does the kilo sneak up if you lose weight? Is there any point at all trying to slim?

The answer is of course a resounding YES!

If you only have a few extra kilos, of course it is not important to lose weight, but if the excess kilos start to grow, it’s definitely worth reason to get rid of them. And that’s not just a reason, but many reasons why it’s a good idea to lose weight if you weigh too much; You reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease significantly, you are less likely to suffer from stress, the risk of certain types of cancer will also be reduced by weight reduction, and last but not least: You are likely to get far more energy and surplus than for! You simply feel better!

Motivation is the key to success

Yes, yes, maybe you think. There are many good reasons to lose weight, but how in the world should I do it? I have not done it before, so why should I do it this time? And of course, this motivation comes in. If you are not properly motivated to lose weight you can only forget to get it done. So then, how to work out is enough motivation to get started. Maybe it’s a wedding or a company you’re going to where you want to look extra nice? Perhaps you want to go hiking with your girlfriend or your children, but simply do not get to what you are now, simply because you are in bad shape or maybe there is a general desire to get a slimmer and healthier body that has built up over several years.

When you feel like you are motivated and have decided to get started, it’s important to figure out how to get it done. Here’s how to be realistic about how fast and how much you should lose weight and how to do it. One of the reasons you have gained weight after slimming yourself is that you have gone too fast. In addition, you may have eaten too little food, never treated yourself well, and had too ambitious workouts.

Slow but safe

A little kick behind!


You’ve probably heard it before, and you’re sure it sounds boring, but when you lose weight, you should not go down much more than ½-1 kilo per week. If you go faster than this you will not only lose fat but also your muscles. Then combustion will go down and it will be difficult to keep the weight in the long run. A weight reduction also requires a lot of planning. Purchasing, cooking and training sessions are something you must have set of time in advance.

You know a lot about what you should and should not eat now that you want to lose weight. Still, there may be some simple tricks you have not thought of before. For many, it may also be beneficial to have someone following them up, motivating, giving advice and maybe a little kick back when needed. And this is where we want to bring some advertising to ourselves.

Here in DinKost we offer both personal consultations and an internet-based weight reduction program. Some start with a consultation and follow on to the weight program, while others only choose to be followed up over the internet. And the vast majority are very pleased with this arrangement.

So if you want me to give you a good and personal follow-up, sign up for our weight program! Good luck!


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