Health food

A bad soy solution

Tofutti creamy smooth original versus natural cream cheese.

A bad soy solution

A bad soy solution

Healthy alternative to the healthiest meat

A bad soy solution

Another soywinner

A bad soy solution

The snake in the soya paradise

A vegetable variant of cream cheese, mainly based on partially hydrogenated soybean oil and isolated soy protein, as well as corn sweeteners, tofu, milk-free lactic acid and sugar.

That the soybean oil is partially hydrogenated means that it is industrially transformed into trans fat. The products are very similar in nutritional content – with a calorie content of 280 and 284 calories respectively.

There is more saturated fat in natural cream cheese, but trans fat is at least as dangerous as saturated fat. However, exactly how much trans fatty acids the tofu variant contains is not specified.

Conclusion: The content of trans fat is the only argument you need to choose a product, in this case, Tofutti Creamy Smooth Original!


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