8 out of 10 have herpes

70 percent are unaware that they have it.

8 out of 10 have herpes

8 out of 10 have herpes

General about herpes:

* 80% of the population has Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)

* HSV infection usually causes painful blisters on the mucous membranes and skin and is chronic. In about 70% of the cases, the infection is unaware of the virus without symptoms and the carrier.

* After infection, the virus is latent and can be reactivated and give symptoms, or “flare up”. Reactivation occurs in 40-50% of cases in people who have undergone primary infection.

* Two types of virus are known: HSV-1 most commonly causes eruption of the face (herpes labialis) and is called mouth ulcer, HSV-2 most often on genitalia (herpes genitalis). Both types can infect both places. Thus, one with mouth ulcers due to herpes outbreak can infect a partner downside with HSV-1. Similarly, one with HSV-2 can infect a partner so that it gets a mouth sore.

* Over the past decade, an increase in genital herpes HSV-1 has been observed due to increased oral frequency.

* Infection with one virus gives some resistance to the other.

* There is no vaccine against herpesvirus.

* Condoms reduce the risk of infection, but do not remove the risk of infection. It is also recommended to use condom during oral sex in case of eruption.

Source: Public Health Institute

Ingeborg Lyngstad Vik

* Former sectionalarm at Oslo Olafi Clinic

* Olafiakliniken is one of the country’s largest centers of expertise in sexually transmitted diseases

* Work on the HPV Gardasil in Norway, and is currently working on testing a new HPV vaccine

8 out of 10 have herpes

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8 out of 10 have herpes

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8 out of 10 have herpes

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The speech is clear: The Norwegian Institute of Public Health reports that between 20 and 40 percent of the adult population under 40 have been infected with HSV-2.

70 percent of these are unaware of it because they do not have symptoms.

50 to 80 percent of us get infected with HSV-1 during childhood.

“Anne” has started your own online dating service for you with the herpes genital disease.

Mental wound

– There is so much stigma attached to this disease and we who have been unlucky to get the virus usually live with it in secret. And it hurts very psychologically, says “Anne”.

Two years ago, she was infected with HSV-2 herpes genitalia.

There are two types of herpes: Herpes 1 is best known as mouth ulcer. Herpes 2 affects the genital organs.

In total, 80 percent of the Norwegian population is infected with herpesviruses, according to the National Institute of Public Health.

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“Everyone has herpes”

If herpes is a secret, it’s a secret we all have, according to a specialist in sexually transmitted diseases, Ingeborg Lyngstad Vik.

– I have been working with sexually transmitted diseases since 1963. In the past, herpes was not “dangerous” because it was known that most people had it and that it was not a dangerous virus. But it changed in the 80’s, says Lyngstad Vik.

She recalls that a major American drug company advertised strongly for a medicine that reduced the plagues of herpes outbreaks.

– It was very expensive. So then the disease had to be very dangerous for someone to buy the medicine, “she says.

By then, herpes are stigmatized, and those who feel it are perceived as dirty.

– There’s absolutely no reason. If we aggregate the number of infected persons of the two types of herpes, almost 100 percent of the population are carriers of the virus, says Lyngstad Vik, something she has also written on the Institute of Public Health.

Stigmatization goes on where you have your herpes. If you have it over the belt site, it is accepted – and is called mouth sores.

– The question is not what you have, but how you got it.

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“Anne” was married for many years and thinks she might have got the virus from her husband, but says she may have had it before, or she may have received it after they were divorced.

So vague symptoms, she has had her belief that it was common abdominal pain.

But she remembers well when it was discovered.

8 out of 10 have herpes

MONTHS: Causes of herpes labialis, or HSV-1 virus. Also called cold sores. Photo: Illustration photo: Wikipedia. com

My best moments

– I got a phone from an earl. He had been raped down, checked and diagnosed – as he traced back to me. It’s the ugliest I’ve been with, says “Anne”, who until then thought she was free of sexually transmitted infections.

She lives with the virus alone, no one in the family or family circle knows that she has herpes or that she has started this website. “Anne” has completely refrained from contacting men after she tested.

– Getting that phone was so embarrassing that I will not experience it again. And I do not want to trick anyone and have sex in symptom-free periods, without saying anything about the disease.

This, and the aversion to having to talk to a potential new partner about the disease, led her to start the exclusive dating service for people with HSV-2.

– You can meet without worrying about this conversation, she says.

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Anonymous Forum

Due to the stigma of herpes in society, it is required that all users of the dating service, chat or forums are anonymous.

“Anne” thinks that potential curious ones stay away from dating.

– First of all, we silence all members before they create a profile. At the same time, I do not think people will pay to be a member of a website if they just have to be there to spy on others.

Now, “Anne” hopes that more will report interest in dating, both so that existing members get more to choose in and that the experience base of the disease gets bigger. At the same time, she will encourage everyone to test.

– It’s better to know.

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Dimension Dimensions

But the doctor disagrees.

– No.. Do not test yourself, is the advice the doctor provides.

– Why are you? The only thing you achieve is a downturn of dimensions. The likelihood that you have herpes is great, whether you have symptoms or not. Common genital disease tests look for chlamydia and gonorrhea because they can be treated, hepatitis B because partners can be treated, and HIV for contagious reasons.

As you wish to test you, herpes can be detected by blood test. From the mid 2000s, it has also been possible to separate the two HSV viruses so that it is possible to determine if HSV-1 or HSV-2 is available..

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