6 ways to avoid cancer

Men who have triggered at least five times a week are rewarded with lower cancer risk, showing an Australian study.

6 ways to avoid cancer

In the November issue, the British magazine Men’s Health lists six preventive measures against cancer.

The first step goes straight to the abdomen.

Australian scientists have come to the conclusion that the men with the most frequent ejaculation aged 20-50 years have the lowest risk of developing prostate cancer later in life.

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Below you can read about the six relatively simple measures we can take to reduce the risk of cancer.


Prostate cancer is considered to be the biggest health threat in men’s lives, and researchers at the Cancer Council of Victoria in Melbourne, who are behind the survey, believe that the risk can be reduced by as much as a third by “cleaning the pipes” regularly.

Get the best effect by making sure you get release five times a week – or more often.

For this reason, Men’s Health has its readers to masturbate as often as possible.

If sex with a partner can have the same effect, the magazine does not write anything about it.

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Pull the curtains

Too much light is hardly the problem at this time of year, but still. Both natural and artificial light in the bedroom can interfere with the production of melatonin.

Lack of this sleep hormone will lower the ability to cope with cancer.

Melatonin regulates your sleep pattern, protects the immune system and prevents the emergence of cancer cells, especially at the risk of prostate cancer, according to researchers at the University of Texas.

Briefly summarized: Get light-colored blinds or blinds so you can hardly see your hand in front of you in bed. It will give you healthy melatonin values ​​and better sleep quality – and help keep you healthy and healthy.

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Lower the danger of radiation

Although researchers currently have few evidence of the long-term consequences of all the radiation we surround ourselves, a study in The American Journal of Epidemiology concludes that those who use the cell phone several hours a day are at greater risk of developing cancer.

The most talented mobile users increase the risk of vaginal tumors tumors with alarming fifty percent.

The researchers had investigated 500 Israelis who were affected by this cancer form. Those who had used the phone the most and in addition held it to the same ears all the time, were most exposed.

Swedish and Finnish studies of cancer in the brain point in the same direction. The more mobile use, its higher risk.

The morale must be briefly on the mobile phone or – most preferably – use handsfree.

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Solfaktor in the snow

That summer is over the longest and it’s still a while before Easter sunshine does not mean you can forget about everything called sunscreen. The sun rays get enhanced power when the ground is white, and just when skin cancer cells are formed is hard to say. There is no reason not to be on the safe side.

A recent study shows that skin cancer is the UK’s most widely used cancer form, and that one third of those who have skin cancer are under fifty years old.

Women are most vulnerable, but most men die of skin cancer.

In winter, the air is so dry in Norway that most people should lubricate with moisturizer anyway. The genius is that there are now a number of light-colored moisturizers where the solar factor accompanies the purchase (the tubes or jars are labeled “SPF”)..

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Enjoy the sun – in small portions

Protein after exercise

According to a study by The Arkansas Children’s Research Institute, protein after exercise contributes more than building up the muscles:

The proteins protect fresh cells and attack any cancer cells.

More accurately, the proteins help increase the occurrence of GSH (a triplet called glutathione) in healthy cells and to remove them from cancer cells.

GSH is a drug that protects cells against free radicals. As a result, the free radicals attack the genome of the cancer cells so that the cells are damaged or die.

Protein powder, a protein drink or simply protein rich food such as fish, meat, soya and egg is, in other words, very beneficial after the physical excretions.

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Sauerkraut for dinner

The cabbage fermentation, according to a new study conducted by Journal and Agricultural and Food Chemistry, will make a favorable chemical bond called isothiocyanate.

Isothiocyanates can prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body, especially in the large intestine.

In addition to in cabbage, isothiocyanate occurs in crops like cauliflower, wasabi and broccoli, and in mustard.

The Wasabi plant is usually served in Norway with Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi, like a thick sauce in addition to soya. But since real wasabi is very expensive, it is even in restaurants often used imitations.

Real German Sauerkraut is another good source of the virgin isotiocyanates.

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