50 beautiful strings

Be espresso brunette, get banana hands and learn 48 other tricks.


1. Brunette tips : Reinforce the brown color by pouring two cups of cooled, strong espresso over the hair. Make it work for half an hour.

2. Blonde tips : Freshen up the color by rub the hair with the juice of a few lemons and go out into the sun. But be careful with the scalp.

3. Brittle hair : Use plenty of conditioner when washing your hair. It makes the hair a bit heavy and less brusque.

4. Dry Hair : Wash and rinse your hair as usual. Moss an avocado and mass the mass into the hair. Leave to work for 5-10 minutes. Rinse well in the end. The oil in the avocado will give moisture to the hair.

5. Fat hair : Try to massage the hair with a mixture of two teaspoons of lemon juice and 2 1/2 dl of water. Wash as usual after ten minutes.

6. Gloss : Always wash the hair by rinsing your hair with cold water. Then the shells cling to the hairs, and the hair looks more glossy. Chamomile in the final hair rinse should also give glossy hair, especially if you are blonde.

7. Long-lasting team : To keep the haircut as long as possible, it’s smart to first heat your hair with warm air and end with cold air.

8. Dry scalp : rub the scalp with olive oil while giving yourself a good scalp massage. Let the oil sit for 30-60 minutes before flushing it with lukewarm water. Do not use too hot water – it can be difficult to remove oil.

50 beautiful strings

ADVICE: When foaming your hair, remember to quit with cold air. Photo: NOW Archive


9. Peeling : Cheap and straightforward peeling that boosts blood circulation: Scrub the wet body with a coffee grinder. Additionally, scents are delicious!

10. Bath oil : Nothing is as delicious as a hot and fragrant bath now when the fall is here! You can cook the bath oil yourself: pour one desiliter almond oil and 25 ml wheat flour on a small bottle.

Add 15 drops of etheric sandalwood oil, lavender oil, rose oil or another essential oil you like. Do not shake, but turn the bottle gently upwards so that the oils are mixed. One tablespoon is suitable for a tub. Keep the oil dark and not too hot.

11. Bath Mirror : Do you shower the bathroom every time you shower? Take some Zalo on a dry cloth and rub over the glass. Then the dew stays away for a while!

12. Awakening : A handful of pine needles in the bathing water will appear refreshing.

13. Hard skin : Do you work hard under your feet, try a foot bath consisting of hot water and green soap. Sit for 20-30 minutes before scrubbing your legs with a hemp or file. Lots in the end, fed in with olive oil.

14. Dull skin : Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day!


15. Cracked nails : Try brushing those with white iodine daily for two to three weeks. The nails also benefit from an olive oil bath occasionally.

16. Stains : If you have stains of berries, fruits or vegetables on your hands, rub them with a slice of lemon and rinse well with water afterwards.

17. Paint : Autumn is time for refurbishment! Have you also inspired to renew your home and have painted skin on your skin? A gentle way to remove it is to rub the stain with olive oil or tear. Finally wash with soap.

18. Dry hands : A well-ripe banana like moses, becomes a softening mask for your hands. Let it work a few minutes before flushing your hands.

19. Nickel Allergy : Lacks the back of the clock, buttons or the like that comes into contact with the skin, with a glossy nail polish. Then you seal the nickel-containing metal part in a way, and you will not get any trouble.

20. Jewelery Cream : Removable knots on jewelery chains can be easily resolved if you take a little olive oil into a bowl, dip your knot up and loosen it with two needles.

21. Nail polish 1 : Do not shake the bottle. Then air bubbles will form inside it, and it may cause the paint to flatter when you paint your nails.

22. Nail polish 2 : Another good advice is to clean the nails with nail polish remover – even if you do not have nail polish on them – before you start the paintwork. Then you remove the greases on the nails and then the paint will look better.

23. Nail polish 3 : Add more thin layers of paint on the nails. Thick layer of paint flakes lighter than thin layers.

24. Filing : Always leave the nails from the outer edge toward the center. Never rub back and forth – it tears on your nails and will make them taper more easily.


50 beautiful strings

BEAUTIFUL: “” You take what you have “”. Perhaps some of the warp threads will give you beautiful skin and glossy hair. Photo: NOW Archive

25. Citrus Mask : A pair of sliced ​​cucumbers on the eyes is a well-known advice for tired eyes. But did you know that slices of lemon or orange can also benefit from the facial skin? Orange should be good for gray and tired skin, while lemon should pull the pores together and be good for oily skin.

26. Sweet Scrub : A simple face scrub makes you a smooth blend of honey and oatmeal. Scrub in the way and wash well afterwards.

27. Makeup Items : Remember to clean your makeup items in mild soapy water regularly. If not, they become the cleanest bacterial bombs!

28. Pimples : A well-known advice is to spread some toothpaste before going to bed. It will dry out the whales. Other advice is to lubricate the whales with some almond or lemon juice.

29. Sore Lips : Butter them with some honey!

30. Bad breath : Chew fresh leaves of mint or parsley.

31. Maskara : Do you pump the brush upside down into the mask tube, perhaps to make sure it’s gonna be mascara on the brush? Do not do it! Then you pump air into the container, and the mask becomes faster dry and tough.

32. Pretty teeth 1 : Wait at least one hour to brush your teeth after drinking acidic beverages like orange juice and wine. The acid makes the enamel porous, and the brush will then worn on the enamel.

33. Pretty teeth 2 : To avoid acid damage on your teeth, eating a cheese bite may also be good after drinking wine.

Clothing and Shoes

34. Slip zipper : Try to rub a candle over the zipper. Then it will be easier to pull up and down. To rub the zipper with some petroleum jelly should also help.

50 beautiful strings

ADVICE: Both potato flour and honey can be used for so many. See the tips. Photo: NOW Archive

35. Clothes hangers : Clothes that constantly slide off the hanger and end up in a curl at the bottom of the closet are annoying! Try to wipe a rubber band on each side of the hanger.

36. Strong Buttons : Use embroidery thread when attaching buttons. It is much stronger than sewing thread – and you do not release buttons that fall off.

37. Personal Buttons : Why not give a regular sweater or jacket a boost by making personalized buttons? Buy wooden buttons and paint them with flowers or whatever you want. Use hobbylack or paint and gladly give them a coat of paint. Should be fastened to clothes that should not be washed at more than 40 degrees.

38. Gray underwear : Delicious underwear is not that nice anymore if it’s grayed out! Tip: Make it white again by baking soda in the rinse water.

39. Loop your clothes : Nuts on shirt collars or sweaters can be removed with a razor. Be careful, do not push the razor too hard against the garment, then you destroy it.

40. Curly shirts 1 : If the shirt can withstand it, wipe it slightly in the dryer after washing, but hang it on a hanging while it is still a little damp. Then you may not need to iron it.

41. Curly shirts 2: Another smart tip is to hang the curly shirt up in the shower, turn on warm water, but do not let it run straight on the shirt. The steam will help remedy the curls.

42. Folders : Irritating to the white stripe, it becomes down on the trousers when you put down a trousers that were previously laid up? Buy blue fabric color and iron it over the white edge with a brush. The pants are almost as new.

43. White spots : Do you notice a spot on the white shirt at last? Try to cover the stain by rubbed a little white baby poodle.

44. Fruit spots : Fruit-stained garments can be soaked in lemon juice overnight and then rinsed, washed and bleached in the sun.

45. Stains on silk : Fat stain on expensive silk garments is annoying! Try to rub hot potato flour on the stain.

46. Vinflekker 1 : There are many tips for red wine stains on the clothes: Try to sprinkle plenty of salt or potato flour on the wet stain, allow it to dry and wash as usual.

47. Vinflekker 2 : Put the garment over a bowl and pour warm water as the garment can withstand the stain several times. Apply some detergent that will work half an hour. Wash the garment as usual.

48. Shoes that turn : To avoid black stripes from the shoes on the socks, try spraying the socks with hairspray before wearing the shoes.

49. Sharp shoes : New, beautiful leather shoes – just a little too tight? Dip the shoes in hot water, take them on you and walk with them as they dare and expire.

50. Shoe Shine : When the shoes have become ugly and scratched and the shoelace will not sit, rub them with a raw potato before kidding them. After the pillow you can spray them with hairspray for the sword to sit better.


“1001 Bjergeråd og husråd i moderne tid” (Orion Forlag) by Marianne Berge-Hansen.



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