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375 blood donors have saved Wenches lives

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You can do this

Sign up for the nearest blood bank. Wherever you can find it on giblod. no.

You can also contact Blodbanken in Oslo on Facebook directly.

Friday 12. June, everyone who gives blood will receive a rose that thanks for the effort.

You will find Bloodbussen several places in Oslo city center, and elsewhere in the country there are own events. You will find more information on Bloodbanken’s website.

The theme of the year for the Veden blood donor is “Thank you for saving my life”.

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375 blood donors have saved Wenches lives

RESPONSIBLE FOR CERTIFICATE: Active Against Cancer has received an avid contributor in Wenche Stensvold. Photo: Private

With six illnesses and since the full report from leukemia, Wenche Stensvold is almost a miracle.

It would not have been possible without blood donors. Wenche received myelogenous leukemia for the first time in 2004. The then nursing student went from being a former well-behaved top athlete with many merits in cycling to lying down to bed with a life-threatening illness.

– I recovered after the first treatment after having been ill for five months. Then I got a relapse four months after that again and had to have a bone marrow, she says.

Added isolate

Fortunately, Wenches brother Johnny was a donor match, and could give her a crush.

– It’s some of the toughest body can go through. They give a lethal dose of chemotherapy that kills their own bone marrow, and then I brought my brother.

She was placed on isolate and received blood transfer via a vein catheter on the collar bone.

– Just wait and hope that it should work. It did it after eleven days. Then I got life again. I am very fond of my brother and we were incredibly lucky he was a match. He gave me life back. But I had not managed without 375 other blood donors.

The number of blood donors is so high because Wenche got both blood and platelets. The latter may contain blood from four people.

– It’s amazing that so many people helped save my life.

More relapse

The bone marrow to Wenche was replaced because she had a relapse. Now the goal was that she would not get it again. But so lucky she was not. It is not often you get relapse after surgery. But Wenche got it.

– I’ve had four relapses after the first. So overall I have had leukemia six times, year after year. I’ve been healthy and every time I’ve got sick again, the doctors have given me some hope. The forecasts should not really give me any long life.

The doctors had not experienced anyone who had so many relapses. Eventually it happened at the same time each year. The weekend for the Birkebeinerrittet. The first time it happened when Wenche went to look at a girlfriend who was going to ride a bike.

Therefore, we have been excited every year the weekend comes. Four years in a row I got relapse on the weekend. Each time the doctors were equally stated. The last time was a bit special. Then I had to throw up blood and they had to finish the treatment because of it. I was at Rikshospitalet, and the doctor said, “What do you think Wenche?” I replied “I’ll live, order more blood!” The doctor said he should order two bags. “No, you have to order four,” I said. He did.

Finally fresh

Now it’s five years since the last Wenche had a relapse. It was celebrated cycling Birken last year.

– I challenged my doctor at Rikshospitalet, and we rode the whole race on a tandem bike. Now the goal is to do one new activity each year with my brother, so we have been to Oslo Bratteste, race race and triathlon.

In the fall she is ready for the New York Marathon. There she runs for Active Against Cancer, which she also cycled Birken for income. The association has been started by Grete Waitz.

– It will be a challenge in New York. It is very inspiring. I really burn to collect money for the cause of such relationships, and every time I do, I think of all the blood donors I would not finish without. I’m incredibly grateful to all who give blood, that’s the best gift you can give someone, “she says.

Need more to save lives

– My brother gave me a new life when he donated bone marrow, but the blood donors have helped save my life when I have recurred. They have saved me time after time.

375 blood donors have saved Wenches lives

GI BLOOD: Blood can save lives and can not be artificial. Photo: Oslo University Hospital.

She is happy many have decided to make an effort.

– My granddaughter called me on his eighteenth birthday. Then she told her that she had signed up as a blood donor because now she finally could. An eighteenth who thinks that on his birthday, it was very touching.

Wenche has even held blood donors among friends and family.

– What I’ve been through is brutal and the treatment has been tough. I think that I was so well trained before I got sick and that I exercised my muscles and condition again between every relapse, has had a lot to say. The doctors have said that too, which made me stronger during treatment.

There is no artificial blood

Blood is a fresh food many undergoing treatment relies on. It is essential to have enough at the hospitals around the country.

– You can not use anything but blood and it can not be artificially produced. Those who get the most are cancer patients who get low blood pressure because they have cancer, and in addition a lot of blood is used for accidents and births. Then you need to have enough blood ready because you may need much in an emergency phase, “says a senior doctor in charge at Oslo University Hospital, Lise Sofie Haug Nissen-Meyer.

She recommends people to become blood donors because it is essential to have blood available. It can not last long, because it may be too old and must be discarded.

– We need a blood donor group that is in stand-by so they can be called when we need blood. We would love to have many more of them who would like to put on short notice, “she says.

Need all blood types

You must not be among those who are called if you become a blood donor. You can, however, help to give blood when it suits you and the blood can help save lives.

– We need all blood types. The most common is A and O, but we also need rare blood types.

Now that summer is approaching, extra blood is especially important.

– It is very important to have good preparedness. All regular blood donors are also advised to take a trip before going on a summer vacation. Summer is a particularly critical time because many travel away.

Especially young men are encouraged to take a trip to the nearest blood bank.

– They must let the sprayer lie and help to help, encourage the superintendent.



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