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30-50 percent of the adult population will have a mental disorder

Openness about mental health and mental illness is the goal of the World Day of Mental Health.

30-50 percent of the adult population will have a mental disorder

Characteristics of anxiety:

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in Norway. How do you know that you have an anxiety so strong that you should apply for treatment?

External Characteristics:

  • Avoidance. You avoid situations or take precautions to avoid anxious emotions.
  • Physiological or bodily rashes, when these are lasting and do not go over when a particular situation (such as an exam) that you care about is over. There may be insanity, anger, tremors and twitching, sweating, sleep problems, palpitation, redness (by social anxiety).
  • By panic attack: hyperventilation.

Internal Characteristics:

  • Persistent grubling and worries.
  • Persistent restlessness, turmoil and irritability, sadness and fatigue.
  • By panic attack: One might think that one is dying.

Source: Psychologist Karl Bang

Click Health still writing about mental health, either by people like Frøydis (27) telling us about living with bipolar disorder, or by writing more generally about different topics like the differences between introverted and extroverted, or how You can recognize a manipulator.

In this article we have collected some of the best issues we have published about mental health.

Increased openness about mental health

The reason is the World Day of Mental Health. It is an annual mark that is held all over the world on October 10.

In Norway, World Day is coordinated by the Association of Mental Health, with the support of the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, both Norwegian and international studies show that 30-50 percent of the adult population will have a mental disorder throughout life.

The World Health Day is marked according to Project Manager Rikke Philippi in Mental Health to contribute to increased openness about mental disorders.

Everyone has a mental health

One of the slogans for the campaign is that “everyone has a mental health”.

– Everyone knows that we have physical health and it may be good or bad. Everyone has it, and so is mental health as well, and people may in different degrees have good or bad mental health. And just as you have to work to maintain your physical health, you have to work to maintain your mental health, “Philippi says.

To explain how to best take care of your mental health, she compares it with a bank account.

– In order to stand up when you get a big bill, you have to put in a little bit along the way. The same goes for maintaining and taking care of your mental health. Good experiences, having someone to talk to, physical activity, enough sleep, proper diet – all that contributes, Philippi says.

– It’s equally important for your health to have a social network like quit smoking or start exercising, she says.

Anxiety and depression most often

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, about 30 percent have an anxiety disorder, while 25 percent get a mood disorder (mainly depression). But how do you know that something is wrong and that you should seek help?

– When you see changes to yourself that persist over time, there may be signs, “said Philippi.

– For example, if you really are very social, but start to apologize for not being involved or you see changes in the mood that you are sad and tired and it persists. Emotions go up and down, but if it persists, there may be danger signals, she says.


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