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10 requirements for a good therapist

If your therapist does not meet these requirements, you should look after a new one.

10 requirements for a good therapist

10 requirements for a good therapist

– Do not try to be superparents

10 requirements for a good therapist

Exercise against depression

10 requirements for a good therapist

Stressing sick

10 requirements for a good therapist

Sellers are most often depressed

The author of the book “Therapy – What Fit For Me?”, Elisabeth Arnet, has set up a list for Click Health about what to look for when selecting a therapist:

1. Always ask what education the therapist has.

You may think it’s rude to ask about education, but it’s important to get across the stage where you’re afraid to ask. That you ask shows that you are looking for quality and do not take anything.

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2. Find out if he or she is a member of a professional organization.

Anyone can take a few courses and call themselves a psychotherapist, but the professional organizations have a proper education within their field.

The Norwegian Federation of Psychotherapy sets specific quality requirements for membership.

3. A good therapist has empathy and understanding.

4. A good therapist knows when you need support and when you need resistance.

You will not get any help if the therapist just jats with you. Sometimes it may be a little unpleasant to go in therapy, but that’s because the therapist will help you further. If you can not resist, you could as well have talked to a friend about the problems. A good therapist will not give you resistance before you have established a good and safe relationship.

5. A good therapist must be neat.

There must be clear rules for cancellation and payment, and the therapist should not cancel your timely period and expire. That a therapist is predictable, stable and safe, is important to make you feel confident.

10 requirements for a good therapist

ALSO: None of your thoughts should be stamped as forbidden or dangerous by the therapist. Being condemnation is uproft. Photo: Crestock

6. A good therapist should not be judicial or moralizing.

You should dare to come up with everything you think of a therapist. No thoughts shall be prohibited or dangerous. Being condemned is not profane in such a position.

7. A good therapist should not go to the defensive position if you take up things.

If you feel unsure of your therapist for various reasons, it is important that you dare to address it. Perhaps you will thus discover that this is a theme in your life that people can often make you unsure. Then this is a great opportunity to explore your uncertainty. What happens in the meeting between you and the therapist are important things to work with. A good therapist will not stand in defense, but on the contrary, welcome your feelings and thoughts.

8. A good therapist does not tell himself about time and time.

9. A good therapist should respect you.

10. A good therapist will not advise you on what choices you should take.

If you become dependent on the therapist’s advice, you will go to therapy for the rest of your life. A good therapist will teach you to find the answer in yourself. You have it in you, you only need help finding it.

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